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AMD Unveils Zen 4 Laptop CPUs and Announces Zen 5, RDNA 3, and RDNA 4 Release Dates

AMD Unveils Zen 4 Laptop CPUs and Announces Zen 5, RDNA 3, and RDNA 4 Release Dates

AMD revealed its plans to grow its product portfolio in the market at its Financial Analyst Daye earlier this week. The chipmaker revealed the roadmap for some of its most anticipated products, including the Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 series and the future Zen 5 and RDNA 4 manufacturing nodes, which are expected to hit the market by 2024. Take a look at the details down below.

AMD Product Roadmap Has Been Confirmed: Find Out More

AMD said during the event that its future Ryzen 7000 CPUs, which will be based on the current Zen 4 architecture, will be available later this year. The Zen 4 CPU core is expected to enable high-performance 5nm x86 CPUs with a 25% increase in per-watt performance and an 8-10% increase in Instructions Per Clock speed (IPC). Later this year, AMD will offer the first desktop and server components built on the 5nm process. TSMC’s 4nm node will continue to be used to manufacture laptop CPUs.

The Zen 5 CPU core will be released in 2024, according to the company, and is “built from the ground up to deliver performance and efficiency leadership across a broad range of workloads and features and includes optimizations for AI and machine learning.” Although AMD hasn’t revealed any details regarding the rumoured CPU cores, it has stated that they would be built on both 4nm and 3nm nodes.

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In terms of graphics, AMD said that their next RDNA 3 gaming architecture will feature a chiplet design and will be made using a 5nm architecture. It will also feature AMD’s next-generation Infinity Cache technology, as well as other advancements, resulting in a 50 percent per-watt performance boost over the RDNA 2 architecture.

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For certain of its forthcoming products, an RDNA 3+ architecture will follow RDNA 3. However, by 2024, the next-generation architecture, RDNA 4, is scheduled to be available. So, if you’re a fan of AMD and want to learn more about the company’s upcoming products and innovative manufacturing technologies, this is the place to go.

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