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Android 12 beta 4.1 GSI for Oneplus 5 & 5T

Android 12 beta 4.1 GSI for Oneplus 5 & 5T

Android 12 beta 4.1 GSI for Oneplus 5 & 5T.

Android 12 Beta 4.1 goes live today, and it marks the Platform Stability milestone. This means that Android 12 Beta 4 has finalized APIs and app-facing behaviors, so developers can test their apps on the latest release without having to worry about changes in the next beta impacting compatibility testing.

Alongside supported Google Pixel devices, Android 12 Beta is also made available in the form of a GSI that can be flashed on a much wider range of devices. OEMs have joined in on the party as well, and you can flash Beta 1 on the following phones:

The three methods to install the update are:

Method 1: Sideload Android 12 Beta via Recovery and ADB

Method 2: Flashing full Factory Image via Fastboot

Method 3: Install Android 12 Beta GSI

For Oneplus 5 & 5T we have used recovery method :

Prerequisite :

Warning: The updates are intended for developers only, so don’t install them on your daily-driver. These builds are early releases and contain bugs and other system instabilities. Even if the flashing process doesn’t necessarily wipe your device, it is highly recommended that you back up your data before proceeding. Users are advised to exercise caution.

For any guidance follow our Video Guide : Android 12 beta 4.1 video

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