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Android 14 Beta 1 Arrives for Realme GT 2 Pro Users in India



realme gt 2 pro android 14 beta 1

Realme, in collaboration with Google, is excited to announce the Android 14 Beta 1 for the Realme GT 2 Pro smartphone in India. This opportunity allows developers to participate in the Android 14 Developer Preview Program and contribute to the refinement of this upcoming operating system. However, it is important to note that this beta version is still in the early stages of development and may not provide a stable user experience. Therefore, it is strongly advised that only experienced developers attempt to flash this ROM.

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The Android 14 Beta 1 is specifically designed to assist developers in adapting their applications to the new Android version. By enrolling in the program, developers gain the opportunity to test their apps on the latest platform and provide feedback to Realme and Google for further improvements. This collaboration aims to enhance app compatibility, performance, and overall user experience before the official release of Android 14.

Known Issues in Android 14 Beta 1

While this beta version offers exciting new features and functionalities, there are some known issues that users should be aware of. First, all user data will be erased during the upgrade process, so it is essential to back up any important information beforehand. Second, certain system functions may be temporarily unavailable, and part of the interface display might not meet optimal standards. Additionally, some applications may not work properly or exhibit limited functionality, and the system may experience stability issues. Users should exercise caution and understand the potential risks before proceeding.

Download Android 14 Beta 1 for Realme GT 2 Pro

How to install Android 14 Beta 1 on Realme GT 2 Pro

To upgrade your Realme GT 2 Pro from Android 13 to Android 14 Beta 1, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Ensure that your device is running the required version of Android 13 (RMX3301_C.16).
  • Transfer the downloaded firmware package to your phone’s storage.
  • Enable developer mode on your device.
  • Navigate to Settings > Software Update > Settings (located in the upper right corner) > Manually select the installation package.
  • Select the downloaded firmware package and click “Install” after it finishes loading.
  • Once the verification process is complete, the system will automatically restart and begin the update.

Please note that this upgrade process should only be performed on the Realme GT 2 Pro (India version). Users from other regions or with different device models should refrain from attempting this installation.

Realme encourages developers and experienced users to actively participate in the Android 14 Beta 1 program. By providing valuable feedback and reporting any issues encountered, you can contribute to the development of a stable and reliable Android 14 release. However, for general users who are not developers, it is recommended to wait for the official stable release of Android 14 to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience.

Rollback from Android 14 Beta 1 to Stable Android 13 on Realme GT 2 Pro

If you have participated in the Android 14 Beta 1 program for your realme GT 2 Pro but wish to revert back to the stable Android 13 version, realme provides a convenient rollback process. It is essential to back up your data before proceeding with the rollback. To do so, navigate to Settings > Additional Settings > Back Up and Reset > Backup & Restore, and select the data you want to back up.

Before initiating the rollback process, ensure that your device’s battery level is above 30% and avoid turning off your phone during the rollback to prevent any interruptions.

To rollback from Android 14 Beta 1 to Android 13, follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare the rollback package: Download the rollback package specifically designed for the realme GT 2 Pro from the official realme website or trusted sources.
  2. Transfer the rollback package to your phone: Connect your phone to your computer and transfer the downloaded rollback package to the phone’s storage. Make sure you place it in a location that is easily accessible.
  3. Enable developer mode: On your realme GT 2 Pro, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on the “Version Number” seven times to enable developer mode. You will see a prompt indicating that you are now a developer.
  4. Access the rollback package: Go to Settings > Software Update > Settings (located in the upper right corner) > Manually select the installation package.
  5. Select the rollback package: Browse through the file manager and select the rollback package you transferred to your phone in step 2.
  6. Initiate the rollback process: After selecting the rollback package, click on “Install” to begin the rollback process. Your device will verify the package and initiate the rollback to Android 13.
  7. Wait for the process to complete: The rollback process may take a few minutes to complete. It is important not to interrupt the process or turn off your phone during this time.

Once the rollback process finishes, your realme GT 2 Pro will be running the stable Android 13 version. Please note that during the rollback, all data on your device will be erased, so it is crucial to have a backup of your important information.

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