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Android 14 First Developer Preview is Here – Overall Changes?



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Android is a mobile operating system designed by Google. It is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Every year a new Android Version is launched by Google. This year Google is going to launch Android 14. This Android version comes with a Dessert name called Up Side Cake. The first developer preview was launched by Google on 8 February 2023. The Security Patch is 5 February 2023 and the build number is .009.

build number and security patch

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  • So the first change is in the Lock screen
  • There are not so many changes on the lock screen. But one change that you have noticed is about the text of date, day, and weather
  • A little bit of shadow effect can be shown in the newer build. Text is also thinner in the newer build.

lock screen 14

The same thing is also shown on the Home Screen with a little bit of shadow effect and the font is the same as on the Lock Screen.

home screen 14

2. Talking about the Quick Setting Tiles, Here you will see a change when you swipe down the notification panel. In Android 13, there will be a gap between StatusBar and Quick Setting Tiles. But in Android 14, there is a very minimal gap.

Screenshot 66

If you see the time day and date, On Android 13  Everything is clubbed together. and there is not much of a gap. But In Android 14, you will see a sufficient gap between time and date. and if we swipe down more here you will see the change in time. On the previous build date and day used to appear on the top side and the time towards the bottom side and everything has a similar font size. But in Android 14, the time and font size have been increased. Day and date moved towards the bottom side.

3. Clone Apps: The most awaited feature in stock Android is Clone Apps Or Dual Apps but with 14 you got this new feature. You can access it from Apps. There you have a new tab of Clone Apps.

cloned apps

Image Credit- XDA


4. After this update, the QR Code Scanner tile has been activated along with the Privacy and Security. This wasn’t the case in Android 13.

Screenshot 47

5. If you tap on the edit tile, now here we have the reset option. This wasn’t the case in 13. Previously we get three dots and when we click on these three dots. So we got the option of Reset. But now it can now be accessed directly.

Screenshot 49

6. When you open any folder which is present on the Home Screen You can see it covers the entire text present below it. But in 13, the beneath text was almost 90 percent visible.

Screenshot 50

If you long press on any application on Home Screen, now you do get the options but. The colors of the icons of App Info and App Pause are kind of Greyish now. In 13 these are in completely white color.

Screenshot 53 1

If we talk about wallpaper and style, there are not so many changes but basic colors are more vibrant now.

wallpaper and style

Widgets are similar. No new add ons

7. There is a major change in the battery section, If you tap on Battery usage, so now screen on time is in bigger text. and towards the bottom, you will see we have a drop-down that says Breakdown by apps and Breakdown by System. So now you have a fair idea about the battery drain on your particular device.

The battery Saver section also got some changes, where we now get some new stuff like Basic Battery Saver mode And Extreme Battery Saver Mode.

If you click on the Settings icon present on the right side of Extreme Battery Saver Mode so, you will see Essential apps and there is also a drop-down menu that will help you to segregate apps Frequently Used, you can also check the Battery Usage by Applications and you can also arrange the apps by their names too.

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Under Adaptive Preferences, we also had the option of Adaptive Battery option but now that has been moved under the Battery Saver Section. If you tap on the drop-down of Adaptive Battery we have the tab here. It just has been moved towards a different place.

On the Schedule and Reminder, now they have kept the minimum Battery Percentage to 20. In Android 13 it was 10 Percent.

Screenshot 65

With Android 14, we do have the comeback of the Fast Pair option which was moved in the Stable Builds of Android 13.

Screenshot 59

There is also a new Tab for Security and Privacy. Till Android 13 we have different Tabs for Android 13 but with 14 we have a single tab.

Screenshot 60

If you set a fingerprint, you will see a preview, On the previous build it used to appear after 30 – 50 percent registration of the Fingerprint was completed. But now soon you tap on it we get to see the preview.

Screenshot 58

Under Device Admin Apps, now we have a new option which is DeviceLockController

Screenshot 55

Last but not the least, If you change the DPI {Dot Per Inch} and try to use your device in tablet Mode. Now there is an option to slowly swipe up and open the Taskar. Using this Taskbar you can also open multiple apps. you just have to long press, drag and drop towards the right-hand side.

To enable this you have to enable Developer Options.

So to Enable Developer Options,  Go to About Device, Tap on Version, and tap on Build Number 7 Times.

Then go to Additional Settings/System Settings. There you need to change the Smallest Width to 622 or 623 by default it is set to be 411.Screenshot 56

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