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Apple Announced Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, Available for iPads on App Store by 23 May



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final cut pro and logic pro for iPad

Vice President, Bob Borchers of Apple, a US-based Company has introduced the launch of the most powerful apps for Professional Creators. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPads. These apps are Officially Available on Apple’s App Store for iPads by 23 May 2023 as said by Apple. Final Cut Pro is used by Video Creators as it has tools for recording and editing. You can edit your video with professional tools and share them from one portable device. After this, if we talk about Logic Pro, is used by Professionals to create Music. It has a collection of tools for, audio mixing, recording, editing, songwriting, and beat-making.

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What is Final Cut Pro and its Features?

Final Cut Pro is a Video Editing Software for Video Creators. It has professional tools from which you can edit your videos. If we talk about the features so, here are all the features we got on iPad after it became available in Apple’s App Store. It makes video editing much more effortless. iPad users can interact with the editing content in new ways.

Use of Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, and Gestures

It can navigate the magnetic timeline, and make fast frame edits with accuracy with the gestures. You can improve your creativity. With the help of Apple Pencil, users can draw on the top of video content. You can also preview the content with the help of Apple Pencil. No need to even touch the screen. Users can draw and write on the top of the video content using Live Drawing with the help of Apple Pencil. Apple’s Magic Keyboard can also speed up the editing experience as you can use it to execute the key commands which helps to speed the production.

Color Grading in Final Cut Pro

As we know, iPad Pro comes with a 12.9-inches Liquid Retina XDR display. This display is capable of applying color grades with accuracy using the Reference Mode.

Importing and Exporting of Project

Creators can easily import photos, videos and save the media directly in the Final Cut Pro Project. In iPad, Final Cut Pro also supports importing projects which are created in iMovie for iOS. iPad users can also export their projects to Mac.

Audio, Graphics, and Effects

Content Creators can choose the Audio, High Graphics, and a lot of Effects from the library present in Final Cut Pro to enhance their content. It includes animated patterns, HDR backgrounds, and professional soundtracks. These effects are automatically adjusted to the length of the video and they are also customizable.

Fast Cut Features with Machine Learning

Final Cut Pro for iPad is the power of Apple silicon and machine learning to speed up the editing task. It is also time-consuming. With the Auto Crop feature, we can adjust the aspect ratios of the footage. With the Scene Removal Mask, creators can quickly remove or replace the background behind the subject in a clip without using a green screen. You can also remove the background noise from audio by using Voice Isolation.

Pro Camera Mode and Multicam Video Editing

With Pro Camera Mode, creators can shoot a High-Quality video in portrait or landscape. They can also control settings like focus, exposure, and white balance. As we know, iPad Pro with an M2 chip supports ProRes. So, users can record in ProRes. Creators can capture, edit and publish from a single device. With MultiCam video editing, clips can automatically be synchronized and edited together, and users can even switch angles in a multicam clip with just the touch of a finger.

What is Logic Pro and its Features

If we talk about Logic Pro. So, it is an app that is used in Music Production for the production of audio, audio mixing, recording, editing, songwriting, and beat-making. With the help of the inbuilt mic present in the iPad users can record voice and instrument recordings. Music creators can make precise edits and draw detailed tracks with the help of Apple Pencil and with the help of Apple’s Magic keyboard creators can execute the key commands which helps to speed the production.

Effects Plug-Ins and Powerful Instruments

More than 100 instruments and Effect Plug-ins are available for creators in Logic Pro. With the Effects like Vintage EQs, Reverbs can be used to fine-tune their tracks. With Multi-Touch, creators can play instruments using a variety of play surfaces. On iPad, Logic Pro comes with a collection of instruments that sounds realistic. It also has powerful synths like Sample Alchemy – a new sample manipulation instrument that can transform any audio sample with the tap of a finger.

Beat Making and Production Tools

Music producers can program beats, and craft custom drum beats, bass lines, etc with the help of production tools present in the Logic Pro. Quick Sampler can chop and transform audio samples into new playable instruments. With Step Sequencer, creators can program drum patterns, melodies, and bass lines. Drum Machine Designer enables the creation of custom drum kits by applying samples and unique plug‑ins to any drum pad. Creators can capture inspiration and quickly build arrangements by mixing and matching musical loops.

Pro Mixer

Pro Mixer is a full-featured mixer with volume faders, pan controls, plug‑ins, sends, and channel strips. With the help of Pro Mixer, music creators can create a professional mix on iPad. With Multi-Touch creators can mix intuitively and move multiple faders at once and the mixer meter bridge can quickly give an overview of track levels.

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Import and Export

Creators can move the Project between the Mac and iPad. It is only possible because Logic Pro for iPad supports roundtrip capabilities. Music Creators can make a track in Logic Pro for iPad and Export that track in Final Cut Pro for iPad. We can also open projects created in GarageBand for iOS in the Logic Pro for iPad. With this feature, creators can take their music to the next level. Users can export their finished songs in a variety of compressed and lossless audio formats, as well as individual audio track stems.

New Sound Browser

The All New Sound Browser displays all the instrument patches, audio patches, plug‑in presets, samples, and loops in a single location. New Sound Browser uses dynamic filtering which helps creators to discover the perfect sound. Music creators can tap to audition any sound before loading it into a project to save time and stay in their creative flow.

sound browser logic pro

What is the Pricing of Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro?

The Official Launch Date for the Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro in Apple’s App Store is 23 May 2023 (Tuesday). If we talk about the pricing. So, the pricing for Logic Pro and Film Cut Pro is $4.99 (US) per month or $49 (US) per year with a one-month free trial.

What are the Requirements for Film Cut Pro and Logic Pro?

Final Cut Pro is compatible with M1 chip iPad models or later, and Logic Pro will be available on A12 Bionic chip iPad models or later. Final Cut Pro for iPad and Logic Pro for iPad require iPadOS 16.4.


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