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Apple is expected to announce its new headset at WWDC 2023



Apple VR in WWDC 2023 article featured image

Apple is a US-based smartphone manufacturing company that announce different products at WWDC. This World Wide Developer Conference is held on 5 June in Apple Park. In this event, Apple is going to introduce new iOS 17,iPadOS17, macOS 14, WatchOS10, a new Macbook, and a VR headset.

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Apple invites VR Experts to WWDC 2023

apple is inviting VR and developers in wwdc 2023

Apple is inviting VR (Virtual Experts) experts to this event. The company is also going to invite creators and journalists that are experts in VR. These journalists can be described as VR Journalists. If we go in Flashback, we came to know that in 2014, Apple invited various Journalists from the fashion world. At that time they launch their first-ever Apple Watch. Also in 2019, when the company is trying to launch Apple TV+, they called Hollywood Stars, Journalists, and Directors.

What we can Expect from Apple’s Headset?


Apple’s Reality Headset will be designed to provide users with an immersive experience. It has different sensors, high-resolution cameras, and high-end displays. So, that the users can experience the real Word from this Virtual World. If we talk about the OS. So, this VR comes with xrOS. The xrOS is a new Operating System which is designed for VR Environment. This OS is based on iOS. The Apple Reality Headset is said to be known as Apple Reality Pro.

Features offered by Apple’s Reality headset

Apple’s Reality Headset provides different features. Such as gaming, and FaceTime in Virtual Reality. You can also use VR as an external display for Mac. It is also capable to run iPad apps in compatibility mode which is similar to Apple Silicon Macs.

What about Availability and Pricing?

Due to complications, the availability will be Low. Also, the product is not available in the Stores until the Holiday Season. If we talk about the pricing. So, it can be expected $3,000 for the First version.


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