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Apple Park Visitor Center Now Accepts Apple iPhone Tap to Pay Transactions

Apple Park Visitor Center Now Accepts Apple iPhone Tap to Pay Transactions

The Apple iPhone Tap to Pay feature is currently being rolled out in the Apple Park Visitor Center. The feature, though, has been in the news since February. It was finally given the opportunity to be seen by customers. Several Apple enthusiasts are currently using the function and making contactless payments at the respective centre.

iPhone Tap to Pay Feature

Tap to Pay is an Apple iPhone feature that allows users to make a contactless purchase. With only one tap on the iPhone, you may finish any money transaction. Users must therefore click on the NFC device or bank card above the receiving device while the appropriate feature is active. As a result of this process, contactless payments are possible. The user can also accept payment in this manner.

However, it is worth noting that the feature is not available to users. This functionality is currently only available to businesses. The feature is also available on the Shopify and Adyen “point-of-sale” platforms. On the other hand, speculations say that Apple Pay Cash may offer such a feature with iOS 16. As a result, consumers can send and receive transactions by simply touching their devices.

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