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Apple’s iOS 16 will include Lots of New Features for iPhones

Apple’s iOS 16 will include Lots of New Features for iPhones
The 2022 World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) hosted by Apple is not far away (scheduled for June 6, 2022). It is the event at which Apple introduces the new software and items that have been in development for the past year. Apple releases a new version of iOS every year during its WWDC event. It will be iOS 16 this time. With the iPhone 14 series, this next version of iOS is slated to hit the market. After then, the update will be available to all other eligible iPhones. Let’s peek at what to expect from the iOS version this year.

iOS 16: Expected Features

First and foremost, with iOS 16, we can anticipate a completely revamped notification panel. The iOS 15’s notification handling isn’t particularly good. However, with the release of iOS 16, this is likely to change for the better.

Second, Apple is anticipated to release widget wallpapers for iPhones’ lock screens. There’s no way of knowing how these wallpapers will look. But, if it’s true, we’ll find out regardless.

The AOD (Always-on-Display) feature may be the most interesting feature of iOS 16. It’d use a lot of juice, but it’d be interesting to see how the iPhone handles it.

Apple may also release a new, greatly updated Health app as well as a Messages app. Apple’s Messages app could have some social media-like capabilities, according to Mark Gurman.

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On iOS 16, there could be a lot of updated features. More information will become available whenever Apple formally announces the next operating system. There’s no way of knowing which iPhones will get the OS update. Apple is recognised for providing support for iPhones from previous generations. However, there may be certain hardware issues with really old devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and others, and the new OS may not run properly for these devices.

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