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Are Custom Roms Safe to USE ? What about Banking Apps and Security- Find out everything

Are Custom Roms Safe to USE ?  What about Banking Apps and Security- Find out everything

ABOUT Custom Roms:-

Google releases an open software called ANDROID open source Project (AOSP) and several smartphone companies use this software in their phones. But before using, they modify the software to change its user interface or add or remove any features/option to what Google has originally provided.

If you have devices like xiaomi,  which provides somewhat laggy miui with too much bloatware. or you have a old oneplus device or xiaomi device which has officially been dropped from software support. so what you will do?

Here comes for the rescue, The custom roms..

These custom ROM are generally developed by user itself and they generally have up to date android version and up to date monthly android security patches. This helps to get increase in performance, new variety of features and prevention from any detected virus and malware and thus increase your smartphone’s life.

Are Custom Roms Safe?

Customs Roms are open-source and they have all chance to steal data from yours. But the developers stick to Their ethics and refrain from such practices. Also security teams watch what kind of additions are made to the source codes.

And the professionals and hobbyists out there definitely would check and ensure that it has no secret bugs. The developers would also not like to damage their reputations by open sourcing a software with spywares that everyone including the topmost brains in the world can scrutinize.

Such a ROM should be more secure than the default ROM and much lighter as it would be without any unnecessary bloatware and adware.

So either you trust the developer and the entire security team guarding not only the developer, but the code as well AND you have a very secure OS immune to the majority of the real-world threats, OR you are left with an outdated, or otherwise obsolete (in terms of security) software susceptible to very real and common security vulnerabilities.



Banking apps are very useful for the digital world we are living in. So , the security and privacy is atmost concern for a guy who wants to try custom Rom. We can definitely use banking apps in custom roms and they are safe . But Always choose Official Roms which has very good teams like PIXEL EXPERIENCE, PARANOID ANDROID, CR DROID, LINEAGE OS etc.

To check if your rom is safe for Banking use . Try Safety net check to see if it passes and also open Google playstore app and see if device is certified or not .


Custom ROM development is based on a simple open source project.(stock android) . And the work, a general developer in this field does is to edit/add the open source project to tweak performance/ Some extra ordinary features/ or to remove some bugs.

For this work, NO ONE IS PAID. They basically develop to showcase their skill. They usually get recognised for their developed ROMs.

HOWEVER, They earn enough to keep the projects alive through donations and in some cases, advertisements on their sites. Also If thousands of people recognising someone for their works, job opportunities will also be available for them.

All their work can be seen on GITHUB website


You can TRUST these custom roms and can use them as daily driver in your smartphones provided the rom you are flashing is official and has good recognised teams. BUT make sure you know the complete process and flash according to the instructions. What you need to do is just an unlock bootloader. ALWAYS trust websites to know about rom related information for your devices  like XDA DEVELOPERS

If you are too much hesitant about flashing custom roms , we recommend you to stay away from it and use stock os which came with device or use any secondary device which you dont daily drive to flash it .

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