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Best Google Camera (Gcam) Application for Oneplus 7 Series

Best Google Camera (Gcam) Application for Oneplus 7 Series

Best Google Camera (Gcam) Application for Oneplus 7 Series.

Google Camera (Gcam) is a camera phone application that was developed by Google for Android devices. Gcam development began in 2011 and was initially supported on all devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and higher, but is now only officially supported on all Google’s Pixel devices.

If you are using phones other than the Google Pixel, then you would have noticed that picture quality on other smartphones are not as good as Google’s Pixel devices.You can improve the image quality of your device by using different camera apps.

One such camera app is Google Camera Mod or GCam Mod or GCam port. This app makes a noticeable difference to the image quality of your smartphone camera.

In this article,we will help you out with Best Google Camera (Gcam) Application for the Oneplus 7 Series. You don’t need to root your device to use Google Camera.The root is only required to use Auxillary Camera.

There is a no of GCam Mods developed by Arnova, Urnyx05, Parrot043, and BSG. However, Gcam 7.4 mod from developer BSG turned out to be the most stable one. In Gcam 7.4 mod, you will get all the features of the previous Gcam 7.3 such as Astrophotography mode, Night Sight, Portrait mode, and many more.

With Gcam 7.4, you will get more options like a selection of camera profiles, ultrawide lens, and telephoto lens. Gcam 7.4 is targeted toward Android 10, 9 Pie, and above. For below Android 10 stick to older versions of Gcam such as 7.3, 7.2, and 7.0.


  • Support for Camera2 API
  • If Camera2 API is not supported, you’ll need to enable it on your phone
  • GCam Mod APK

Camera2 API is a framework that allows third-party developers to obtain access to granular camera controls such as exposure, focus and ISO. They then use it into their third-party apps in the form of advanced features.

These days many smartphones do come baked with the Camera2 API, but it’s not necessary that it’s enabled by default.

To check whether your smartphone supports the Camera2 API, you need to install the Camera2 API Probe app  from the Play Store.

If Camera2 API is not enabled on your device, then you can enable Camera2 API by rooting your device and editing the “build.prop” file on your phone.You can also use Magisk to enable Camera2 API.

Once the Camera2 API is enabled by using any of the above-mentioned methods or it was already enabled on your device, then you have to install the Google Camera Mod on your phone.

Below are some sample shots taken from Oneplus 7 Pro: Using Google Camera 7.4

Best Google Camera (Gcam) Application for Oneplus 7 Series Best Google Camera (Gcam) Application for Oneplus 7 Series

Best Google Camera (Gcam) Application for Oneplus 7 Series

Download Links 

Official telegram Group of Google Camera for Oneplus 7 Series: LATEST GCAM

Gdrive Mirror of Google Camera 7.4 & Xml: Download

Video For Google Camera For Oneplus 7 Series

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