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BGMI Website is Temporarily Down Since Morning, Launch is Near!



bgmi website down

The official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been experiencing technical difficulties since this morning. The website,, is currently displaying an error message, stating, “ is currently unable to handle this request.” Speculations are now rife that KRAFTON India, the developers of BGMI, are working behind the scenes to unveil something big for the game’s enthusiastic player base.

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It has been almost five days since the official announcement was made across the Battlegrounds Mobile India social media handles, notifying fans about the game’s return and urging them to stay tuned for the upcoming updates. This unexpected downtime of the website has only intensified the anticipation among players, who are eagerly awaiting the game’s revival.

Intensifying the situation further, an intriguing Instagram post from BGMI’s official account yesterday stated, “We’ve got something very special coming up on YouTube.” Accompanied by the hint, “Aisa dhak dhak horela hai!” fans were quick to recognize the famous dialogue from the beloved Bollywood film “Hera Pheri,” spoken by the renowned actor Paresh Rawal. Notably, Paresh Rawal’s birthday falls on May 30th, leading to speculation that this date might mark the launch of BGMI, giving players an opportunity to dive back into their favorite battle royale game.

Adding to the growing anticipation, an Instagram post showcased a repeating animation of a heartbeat followed by a Level 3 helmet. Fans have deciphered this visual clue, interpreting the helmet as a symbol of three days, while the heartbeat, repeating 72 times, suggests a timeframe of 72 hours. Based on this deduction, it is presumed that the game may be reinstated on May 26th.

While these assumptions and interpretations may be speculative in nature, they have sparked a wave of enthusiasm and anticipation among BGMI enthusiasts. The sudden website downtime, coupled with the social media teasers, has raised expectations for an imminent update or launch that could bring a range of new features and enhancements to the highly popular mobile game.

As players eagerly await official confirmation and further details from KRAFTON India, the buzz surrounding Battlegrounds Mobile India continues to grow. Fans are keeping a close eye on any new announcements, eagerly anticipating the return of their beloved battle royale experience.

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