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Color OS 12.1 H.12 Closed Beta 2 Released For Oneplus 7, 7 pro, 7T, 7T Pro – Download The Full Zip Here

Color OS 12.1 H.12 Closed Beta 2 Released For Oneplus 7, 7 pro, 7T, 7T Pro – Download The Full Zip Here

OnePlus is turning its focus to its mid-range portfolio after upgrading the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 8 series to Android 12. For the OnePlus Nord, the company has now launched the first public beta build of OxygenOS 12 based on Android 12.

ColorOS 12 C.14 & C.21 for Oneplus 8, 8 pro & 8T have also been rolled out with System performance optimization also this update improves Charging Speed and many more fixes. Oneplus also rolled OxygenOS 12 second stable version C.15 for Oneplus 8, 8pro, 8T & 9R with many fixes to the System & Camera application.

Recently Oneplus Started Recruitment of OxygenOS 12 & ColorOS 12 for Oneplus 7, 7 PRO, 7T & 7T Pro soon Oneplus released the first Close beta we already have files on the Internet of Close beta 1 based on ColorOS 12.1. Now we have ColorOS closed beta 2 Files .

Caution : Installing is not recommended for people who use their devices as daily driver . Because it’s only meant for testing purposes.

ColoroS 12.1 for Oneplus 7 Series


Closed Beta 2 Changelog


[Optimization] The system performance of some scenes makes your phone run more stably

[Fix] abnormal charging in some scenarios

[Fix] Probabilistically unable to use fingerprint to unlock

[Fix] When the lock screen is turned on, the screen has white dots flickering after lifting the bright screen

[Fix] The brightness area displayed on the desktop does not cover the entire screen in certain scenarios


[Fix] The camera flashes back after probabilistically turning on super image stabilization


[Optimization] Data network connection stability

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1. This upgrade will not delete or change your data, but it is still recommended that you

Make a data backup before updating, and reserve enough storage space at the same time. 2. If you encounter any problems during use, you can contact the official customer service for countermeasures.

Law and Consulting.

3. After the upgrade, the installation package will be automatically deleted and will not occupy storage space.



Installation Guide of ColorOS 12.1 on Oneplus 7 & 7T Series: Step by Step Guide
Download ColorOS 12.1 Closed Beta 2 for Oneplus 7 & 7T Series
  • Oneplus 7 ColorOS 12.1 Full Zip: Download
  • Oneplus 7 pro ColorOS 12.1 Full Zip: Download
  • Oneplus 7T ColorOS 12.1 Full Zip: Download
  • Oneplus 7T pro ColorOS 12.1 Full Zip: Download

Note: Official Servers are Slow, It’s recommended to use 1DM on your device for better downloading Speed. Download 1DM app


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