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ColorOS 12.1 for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro is finally here – Download now

ColorOS 12.1 for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro is finally here – Download now

In January, the OnePlus 10 Pro made its global premiere in China. It is the first phone in the OnePlus Pro series to be released in the company’s home country. It’s also the first device to come with ColorOS 12.1 installed. Two months later, one of the company’s execs confirms that the last-generation OnePlus flagship smartphones will receive a ColorOS update. Now ColorOS 12.1 update rollout has already started for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro in china.

The head of the OnePlus product portfolio, Liu Fengshuo, said on Weibo that the OnePlus 9 and Oneplus 9 Pro from last year will be updated to ColorOS 12.1 soon. By the end of March, he claims, these devices would have received the latest version of OPPO’s mobile operating system, which is based on Android 12.

In terms of new features, ColorOS 12.1 includes HyperBoost technology for gaming, AI features for a seamless experience and other minor improvements.
Oneplus has begun rolling out OxygenOS 12 for the Oneplus 8, 8pro, 8T, and 9R. The update is around 800MB in size and includes Optimized desktop icons with enhanced texturing, as well as various enhancements to Dark mode, Shelf, Worklife balance, Gallery, CanvasAOD, and Bluetooth. Users on the Open Beta platform will be the first to receive this update, followed by those on the Stable platform.
ColorOS 12.1
Credit: PavlovaUI
Also, we have some release dates of ColorOS 12.1 for Oneplus Smartphones:
  • OnePlus 9/9Pro will start to push ColorOS 12.1 in batches starting tonight.
  • OnePlus 9RT will test ColorOS 12.1 in June OnePlus 9R will test ColorOS 12.1 before OnePlus 9RT. So 9R probably will get 12.1 before 9rt
  • The month when OnePlus 7 series will update ColorOS 12 will be announced at the end of this month. So probably there will be Color os 12 for Oneplus 7 series. OxygenOS 12 closed beta testing for Oneplus 7 series has just begun. Open beta 1 will be Somewhere around may last week Or June 1 week.
Changelogs of ColorOS 12.1 for Oneplus 9 & 9 Pro:

Convenient and efficient

  • [new] carry-on card bag, convenient arrangement, and sharing of card certificates in the album And bill photo
  • [new] open the floating window in the split-screen state to support the simultaneous display of three applications, and the floating window and split-screen applications can switch between each other, making it more convenient to cooperate with the same screen
  • [ optimization ] flashback window interaction increases support for clock applications
  • [ added ] Omoji a variety of decoration and face modeling, personality play more diverse
  • [ optimization) free translation function, after the intelligent sidebar is opened, new support for selecting full-screen translation

Seamless interconnection

  • Application of multi-open function, support at the same time in the computer to open up to three application Windows, multi-task parallel processing is more efficient

Security privacy

  • [new ] clipboard reading authority setting, the control of the three parties to apply the access to clipboard information, to protect information security Performance optimization
  • [ optimization | LinkBoost 3.0 intelligent identification and improvement of network quality, comprehensive improvement for different scenarios and applications, so as to make network connection more stable, transmission faster and switching more natural

Game experience

  • [added ] HyperBoost full-link game stability depends on technology GPa stability technology, looking for the best balance point of performance and power consumption to achieve stable key scene rate and lower power consumption ( support for some games ) Graphic heterogeneous technology to reduce game load and power consumption ( support for some games)
Installation Guide of ColorOS 12.1: Step by Step Guide
Download ColorOS 12.1 for Oneplus 9 & 9 Pro
  • Oneplus 9 ColorOS 12.1 C.60 Full Zip: Download
  • Oneplus 9 Pro ColorOS 12.1 C.60 Full Zip: Download

Note: Official Servers are Slow, It’s recommended to use 1DM on your device for better downloading Speed. Download 1DM app

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