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ColorOS 12 C.36 Stable Android 12 rolling out for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro – Download Now

ColorOS 12 C.36 Stable Android 12 rolling out for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro – Download Now

ColorOS 12 Stable Android 12 rolling out for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro.

Oneplus today rolled out a Stable version of OxygenOS for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro brings a few improvements to the system along with the November security patch.

Oneplus color os 12

Changelogs of ColorOS 12 Stable C.36 for Oneplus 9 & 9 pro:

Brand new design
  • The concept of borderless design has evolved again, and the design language of real noise reduction makes the experience simple, easy and burden-free
  • [New] Quickly view cards, provide smart and efficient application cards, key information is clear at a glance, and key functions can be reached at one touch
  • [New] Noise reduction design, reconfiguration of page layout, optimized text and color display, more focused core information
  • [Optimization] Quantum Animation Engine 3.0, centered on “quality”, simulates real physical motion, optimizes animation details 300+, and brings a more natural interactive experience
Convenient and efficient
  • [New] Sticky note graffiti tool, personalized record of life
  • [Optimization] Smart sidebar
  • Support intelligent recommendation related functions in video, shopping and other scenarios
  • Add shorthand for small window, click to enter the floating window of notes, and complete the record quickly
  • Added smart subtitles, supports recognition of conference and call voices, real-time generation of subtitles, and supports translation between Chinese and English
  • Added drama listening mode, support switching to other APP scenes or lock screen to continue listening to the video sound
  • Added recognition of background music, quickly recognize the background music in short videos, and find music without asking for help
  • Added article reading, supporting one-click reading of WeChat official accounts, today’s headlines and other information content
  • Added product price comparison, when using shopping software, one-click display of the same good products at low prices
  • [Optimization] Shinda window upgraded to free floating window
  • Added quick switching of floating window status, making interaction more convenient
  • Added file management and album support to drag and drop files or photos to the floating window application by long pressing
  • [Optimization] Xiaobu suggestion, new schedule assistant, intelligent integration of schedule information, one-stop viewing and management
  • [Optimization] Recording, improve the speed and accuracy of voice-to-text conversion, and reduce waiting time
  • [Optimization] The text bubble on the SMS conversation page can be double-clicked to enlarge the display, making it more convenient to extract the content of the SMS
Seamless interconnection
  • Cross-screen seamless connection, build a multi-terminal mutual integration ecology, and create a full range of comfortable life experience
  • [New] PC cross-screen interconnection
  • Support cross-screen drag and drop transfer of files and photos between PC and mobile phone, get rid of the shackles of wired, fast transfer
  • Support the PC to directly edit the document in the mobile phone, and automatically save it back to the mobile phone after completion
  • Support PC terminal to receive and process mobile chat software, SMS and other notification messages, no need to switch back and forth
  • The clipboard of the mobile phone and the PC are interoperable, and the latest content in the clipboard can be directly pasted
  • [New] My device, a unified smart device center, convenient for quick management and control
  • [Optimization] Screen sharing
  • The caller and receiver can switch shared screens and control permissions with one click
  • When sharing the screen, you can hide sensitive notifications such as WeChat, phone calls, and text messages
Security and privacy
  • [New] Sharing photos or videos supports erasing location information and shooting data
  • [Optimization] After the phone is lost, it can be locked through the cloud and cannot be shut down or used, reducing the risk of data loss
  • [Optimization] Mobile Manager integrates privacy doubles, codebooks, emergency calls and more security and privacy functions
  • [Optimization] When the application calls sensitive permissions such as camera, recording, positioning, etc., the status bar icon prompts are more eye-catching
  • [Optimization] Medical emergency card, support automatic transmission of preset medical emergency card information to emergency center when dialing 120
  • [Optimization] Earthquake warning, new function preview page, new banner notification reminder for earthquakes with estimated intensity 2.0 and below, warning of earthquake information at all times
  • [Optimization] Harassment interception, new MMS interception capability, reduce the interruption of spam
Performance optimization
  • [New] Display power consumption records in graph form to quickly understand the details of battery consumption
  • [Optimization] When switching WLAN, Bluetooth, airplane mode, NFC, the response speed is faster
  • [Optimization] The loading speed of high-frequency scenes in third-party applications has been improved, making Weibo and watching videos more enjoyable
  • [New] When the game resource pack is updated, the game can be switched to the background to update (only some games are supported)
  • [New] Pop-up game skills and game review during the game to help you quickly master the gameplay (only some games are supported)
  • [Optimization] The frame rate of the game is more stable in high-load scenarios such as team battles
  • [Optimization] Heterogeneous computing reduces the average load of the processor, and the game power consumption is lower
  • [New] Customize the order of camera modes to facilitate quick switching to commonly used camera modes
  • [Optimization] Inertial zoom, rear video shooting mode, drag the slide bar to zoom at a constant speed
  • [Optimization] Automatic brightness adjustment algorithm, optimized intelligent scene detection, and more comfortable browsing screen
  • [Optimization] The anti-inadvertent touch algorithm on the edge of the curved screen reduces the probability of accidental touch on the screen


  • [Optimization] Accessibility mode
  • Added a visual introduction, and added an image introduction to the function page
  • Optimize function classification, display according to visual/auditory/interactive/general classification
  • TalkBack adapts to more system applications such as photo albums, calls, emails, calendars, etc.

To Install Color OS on Global phones follow below video guide :

Download Links of Color OS 12 C.36 

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