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Digital WellPaper app by OnePlus tracks your smartphone use

Digital WellPaper app by OnePlus tracks your smartphone use

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Digital WellPaper app by OnePlus tracks your smartphone use

Setting a wallpaper of your choice is one of the most basic methods to personalize your phone. Every phone comes pre-loaded with a variety of wallpapers, many of which are custom-designed for that device.

If you need more, there are plenty of high-quality wallpaper apps available on the Google Play Store. Now, OnePlus has unveiled a novel approach to wallpapers.

OnePlus Digital WellPaper App

OnePlus has just unveiled Digital WellPaper, a new tool that creates customized backgrounds based on your app usage. The Digital WellPaper, according to OnePlus, is a “virtual wellbeing tool intended to highlight smartphone users’ digital patterns on their home and lock screens.”

The app was created by OneLab, OnePlus’ experimental software team, and includes three live wallpapers: Composition, Radial, and Glow, each with six colors.

Digital WellPaper app by OnePlus tracks your smartphone use


Each colour in the wallpaper represents a different app category, which changes based on how you use it. The goal is to present your smartphone usage data in a sensible and easy-to-understand manner.

Instead of digging through settings to find the Digital Wellbeing dashboard, you can simply look at your wallpaper to see how much time you’ve spent on each app.

Tapping on the wallpaper displays screen times for all six categories for a limited period of time. Meanwhile, arrows in each category indicate whether you spend more or less time on your device.

OnePlus says that their WellPaper is battery-friendly and uses less power than typical live wallpapers. Rather than refreshing the wallpaper in the background, it simply generates a static image when you open the smartphone.

Download Wellpaper 

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