Download Android 12 Beta Ports for Oneplus 8 Series

Download Android 12 Beta Ports for Oneplus 8 Series

Download Android 12 Beta 2 Port for Oneplus 8 Series.

The second Android 12 beta was released today by Google. The first beta, which debuted at Google’s I/O conference in May, gave us our first looks of Google’s new “Material You” design system, though it lacked many of the promised new features and design adjustments.

Google is delivering more of these to its testers with this new beta, including a new privacy dashboard that let users to see which apps have recently accessed their phone’s microphone, camera, and location.

Other new features in the beta include microphone and camera indications that show users if an app is using them, as well as new Quick Setting toggles that allow users to limit app access to them. Apps will receive blank audio and camera streams if access is turned off.

In addition, Google is delivering a clipboard read notice to Android, which notifies users when an app is reading from the clipboard. A new Internet Panel is also included in beta 2, which makes it easy to choose between internet providers, Wi-Fi networks, and other options.

Google is currently one release away from achieving platform stability in August with this release. Developers should complete their compatibility testing and deliver compatible versions of their apps, SDKs, and libraries today, according to the business.

A Known developer Jay has ported Android 12 Beta 2  for Oneplus 8 Series. Also make sure to join his telegram group for more updates. 

If you are interested in trying out Android 12 Beta 2 for your Oneplus 8 devices, then you can download from the below link

Download Links

Android 12 Beta 2 Port V3 for Oneplus 8 series

Android 12 Beta 2 Support Package V3 for Oneplus 8 

Android 12 beta 3 port for Oneplus 8 series

Android 12 beta 3 Support package for Oneplus 8

Android 12 beta 3.1 port for Oneplus 8 series

Android 12 beta 3.1 Support package for Oneplus 8 

Installation Guide Android 12 Beta 2/3 Port For Oneplus 8 Series 

Download Google Camera 8.1 


Note : Installation guide in above video starts at 06 min 37secs

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