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Features of ColorOS 12- Everything You Need to Know!

Features of ColorOS 12- Everything You Need to Know!

Features of ColorOS 12- Everything You Need to Know!!!

ColorOS 12 is now available, based on Android 12. Unlike past years, the new version of ColorOS will be available in the coming months for a variety of OPPO and OnePlus smartphones.

The OPPO Android skin has been updated with a few design improvements, some new helpful features like Cross-Screen Interconnection, and some strange additions like OMOJI, a Memoji clone.

Borderless Design

With ColorOS 12, OPPO has updated the general design of their smartphone operating system. At least in China, the corporation refers to it as “Borderless Design.”

ColorOS does not use boundaries for separation, as the name implies. Each element is placed atop a translucent layer known as a “acrylic sheet” by the company. The new symbols are also referred to as “acrylic icons.” To distinguish between primary and secondary data, the software now uses different colour tones.

In addition, ColorOS now uses responsive design. This means it may now be used on a variety of devices, including as tablets, foldables, smartwatches, smart TVs, and, of course, smartphones.

Animations & Performance

The ‘Quantum Animation Engine 3.0′ is included in ColorOS 12. Dynamic dampening and strong feedback are features of the new animation engine. Different window component elements with different mass and inertia are now recognised by the system.

As a result, swiping feels natural and fluid. The current version of ColorOS has the AI Self-Smooth Engine 2.0′, which helps to maintain performance. Memory utilisation is reduced by 30%, background power consumption is reduced by 20%, and battery life is increased by 12% with this engine.

With 36 months of use, read and write deterioration is less than 5%, and the ageing rate is 2.75 percent thanks to this engine.

Features of ColorOS 12- Everything You Need to Know!!!

Free Floating Window

The improved version of FlexDrop introduced in ColorOS 11 is Free Floating Window. The new implementation allows users to accomplish a lot more. With movements like tap and drag, windows may now be resized and moved anywhere on the screen. It is now more intuitive.

Smart Sidebar 2.0

ColorOS’ Smart Sidebar is one of the most beneficial features. Smart functionalities are now supported in version 2.0, based on the usage context. For example, while purchasing online, the sidebar now displays a pricing comparison option, assists users in identifying music while listening to songs, provides real-time translation when viewing foreign language films, and displays a read-aloud function when reading something.

Shared Atlas 2.0

Users can now send numerous pictures to any brand of gadget at once. This feature is similar to Samsung One UI’s “Link Sharing.” A WeChat applet is created after selected photographs are uploaded to the cloud. To send the photographs, the link for this applet can be shared with ColorOS and non-ColorOS users.

Features of ColorOS 12- Everything You Need to Know!!!

Cross-Screen Interconnection

OPPO’s version of HUAWEI Multi Screen Collaboration is Cross-Screen Interconnection. Users can share files between their PC and smartphone with a maximum speed of 45MB/s by simply dragging and dropping. Screen mirroring with controls, clipboard sharing, and snapshot sharing are all possible with this capability. A PC running Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit and equipped with at least a 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 processor and 8GB RAM is required to use this feature. Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi Direct are also required for the PC.


OMOJI is merely a rip-off of Apple Memoji. After Samsung AR Emoji and Xiaomi Mimoji, OPPO is the next Android OEM to create its own digital avatars for customers. Video calls, AOD (Always On Display) styles, and more may all be done using OMOJIs. This feature is currently in development and will be available with ColorOS 12’s stable release.

Features of ColorOS 12- Everything You Need to Know!!!

Security & Privacy

ColorOS 12 includes Android 12’s new privacy features. As a result, it includes features such as a “Privacy Dashboard,” “Approximate Location,” and camera, microphone, and clipboard access notifications. Additional capabilities include ‘Notification Smart Anti-Peeping,’ which conceals alerts from others, as well as media sharing without metadata.

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