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Finally OnePlus 8 & 7 Series will get PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS

Finally OnePlus 8 & 7 Series will get PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS

Finally OnePlus 8 & 7 Series will get PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS.

On August 6, Oneplus has announced that its phones will be first to support PUBG Mobile game at 90 FPS.PUBG Mobile has been one of the most popular game these days.

Oneplus 8 series, Oneplus 7T and Oneplus 7 Pro users will be the first to get 90 FPS exclusive access to PUBG Mobile until Sunday, September 6.OnePlus also mentioned that the support excludes China, Japan and Korea.

The company says,with higher frame-rate players will be benefited in game especially when running, panning, while using scope and when looking for other players at a distance.

The smoother visuals will help in aiming accuracy in maps like Pochinki, Sosnovka and Military Base areas of the Erangel map.

Finally OnePlus 8 & 7 Series will get PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS

Qualcomm also confirmed that with Snapdragon 865,they are working with the developers to implement the higher frame-rate.It is interesting to note that newly launched Oneplus Nord did not got included in the exclusive access list despite touting a 90Hz refresh rate as well.

The company felt that the Snapdragon 765G processor wasn’t enough to run PUBG at a stable 90fps.Hence, they decided to exclude Nord from the list.

Even Epic enabled 90fps support in Fortnite on Android, and Oneplus 8 series will be the first from the list to get the support.

If you want to have the Oneplus Nord wallpapers, it is advised to download OPWallpaperResources application and sideload the app on your OnePlus.Another point to keep in mind is that your phone should be running on OxygenOS 10.The live wallpapers that were pre-installed on your device will be overwritten by the live wallpapers from Oneplus Nord.

Download the OnePlus Nord still wallpapers

Download official OnePlus Nord live wallpapers and OPWallpaperResources

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