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Get Notification LED on Oneplus 8 series



Get Notification LED on Oneplus 8 series.

Get Notification LED on Oneplus 8 series.

Always On Display (AOD) is a smartphone feature that shows limited information while the phone is in sleep mode. On some Android phones, the feature is also called Ambient Display.

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Instead of the notification LED blinking to serve as an indicator for any incoming messages or notifications which the user may need to check out, an Always On Display shows the time, date, and battery status by default, but can be configured to also show various types of notifications as they arrive or screensavers.

Oneplus devices will also get an Always on Display soon, the company reveals that the development of the AOD feature will begin in June, while the closed and open beta testing has been scheduled for August/ September.

XDA senior member has developed an app that was initially developed for Samsung Galaxy devices with Always on Display. This app is designed especially for OnePlus devices.

Now, the app is in the beta stage and runs in a compatibility mode as the Always on Display has not been released yet for Oneplus devices.

Get Notification LED on Oneplus 8 series.

Get Notification LED on Oneplus 8 series.

With the help of this app,and notify can easily add a notification light / LED to OnePlus 8 and Oneplus 7 devices. Many different modifications can also be done such as different notification light styles, showing the notification light around the camera cutout, and screen edges, or even simulating a notification LED dot in the status bar.

This app hides the fingerprint icon, so the icon can not burn on your phone screen. The main Features of this app are:

  • Notification light / LED for OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 7
  • Double tap to wake when a notification arrives
  • Charging / Low battery light / LED

There are some other features as well:

• Notification light styles (around the camera, screen, LED dot)
• Custom app/contact colors
• ECO animations to save battery
• Interval mode (on/off) to save battery
• Night times to save battery

With the use of the app the Battery usage per hour is:
• LED – 7.5%
• LED & INTERVAL – 5.5%

AodNotify is highly optimized and with this app around 2,5% of battery usage per hour can be achieved. This app has been tested by the XDA member on Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 7/6 devices are currently in the testing phase.

One should note that the app is still in the beta phase and some errors can occur.OnePlus may block this app with future updates and check if the app is compatible before updating the phone software.

Please Note: Use at your own responsibility.

 DOWNLOAD: Direct app AodNotify

XDA: AodNotify Thread

All Credit goes to Xda Developer: Jawomo

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