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Google Assistant May Now Automatically Change Risky Passwords



Google Assistant change risky password on chrome

If you use Google Chrome on your Android device, you’re probably aware of a feature that prompts you to change your password on a website if your password is found to have been compromised in a data breach. Now, Google is rolling out a handy update that alerts the Assistant when a hazardous password is identified and allows it to change the password for the user immediately. Take a look at the details below.

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Google Assistant can now change dangerous passwords in Chrome

The ability to change compromised passwords with the help of Google Assistant is now said to be rolling out to a wider audience. Max Weinbach, a well-known tipster, recently discovered the feature and shared screenshots of it on Twitter. Take a look at his tweet, which is attached below.

When Chrome detects that a user’s password on a website has been exposed in a previous data breach, the program prompts the user to update their password, as shown in the screenshots. A new Google Assistant-branded “Change automatically” button appears in a pop-up dialogue window.

Users will be led directly to the affected website to change their passwords and set up a new one after tapping this button, which will bring up a confirmation window (second screenshot). Users can either type in their own password or have the built-in password generator fill it out and save it for them.

It’s important to note that Google Assistant will handle the entire process. Users can, however, take over the charge at any time during the procedure. Furthermore, the feature is currently only available on a few websites. Google, on the other hand, is progressively growing its list.

Last year, Google said that the feature would be available during its Google I/O event. It’s based on the Duplex on the Web technology and allows Google Assistant to change users’ passwords on Chrome for Android automatically. It’s basically an extension of Chrome’s breached-password-detector tool, and it’s designed to make changing passwords easier.

Select Chrome users on Android are rumoured to be getting the feature. In the following weeks, Google is anticipated to expand the rollout to more people. Stay tuned for more information, and let us know what you think of the modification in the comments section if you use it.

Source: Android Police

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