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Google Messages Battery Drain Problem will be Fixed Soon

Google Messages Battery Drain Problem will be Fixed Soon

If your phone’s battery has been draining at an alarming rate for the past few months with no apparent cause, it’s conceivable that Google Messages was to blame. The software appears to drain the battery for some people who use it to capture and transmit images, according to Reddit, because the app is stuck polling the camera in the background. Thankfully, Google has identified the problem and is working to resolve it.

According to The Verge, Google communications manager Scott Westover confirmed that a remedy is presently being rolled out to consumers. If you’ve encountered the problem and discovered that Messages is one of the apps that drains your battery the most, make sure to check the Play Store for updates. You can also see if the latest version of the app on APK Mirror addresses the problem for you if you don’t want to wait.

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If it doesn’t solve your Messages-related power drain, there’s another alternative you might want to consider. It appears that revocation of the camera permission for Messages, which can be done by touching and holding the app icon on your home screen and then going to the app info screen, helps. You can then check for permissions and revoke the camera’s authorization.

While this glitch isn’t exclusive to Pixel phones, as the Google Messages app comes pre-installed on many other devices, it is representative of the vast spectrum of bugs that Google’s flagship phones continue to display. First and foremost, Google’s Pixel 6 phones are still waiting for the Dirty Pipe to exploit to be solved, and they’ve been experiencing delays in updates and connectivity issues since their introduction, with Google taking its time to fix concerns.

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