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Google Photos Will Turn Your 2D Photos Into Cinematic 3D Images

Google Photos Will Turn Your 2D Photos Into Cinematic 3D Images

Google Photos Will Turn Your 2D Photos Into Cinematic 3D Images.

Google, has recently announced a new feature for Google Photos to turn your regular images into life-like 3D images. They are calling this concept as  ‘Cinematic photos’.

This new element will transform any 2D picture into an artistic 3D one utilizing man-made consciousness. It will exhibit a normal picture from your display in 3D even if the real picture doesn’t have any profundity data on it.

The application will utilize a virtual camera to add a smooth panning development to the picture. This will create a 3D realistic impact for a 2D picture.

The feature becomes available to the public next month. You can surely turn it on/off if you want by tapping on your profile photo and then going to “Settings -> Memories -> Advanced -> toggle on/off Cinematic photos.”

Memories will now feature some of the most important people in your life and very soon it will be able to show your favorite activities like hiking, cycling, etc.

You will now be able to prevent certain people and time windows from the Settings so that you can avoid a collage of the most embarrassing pictures in your gallery.

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