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Google Working on a Feature to Locate Lost or Stolen Phones When Turned Off

Google Working on a Feature to Locate Lost or Stolen Phones When Turned Off

How the Pixel Power-off Finder Works to Locate Your Phone When It's Turned Off

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Google is reportedly working on a new feature for its “Find My Device” service that will enable users to locate their lost or stolen Android devices even when they are turned off. Pixel Power-off Finder, the feature will be similar to Apple’s Find My network and will allow users to locate their devices even when they are out of range of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The new feature is being developed using a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) named, which has been discovered in Google’s source code. The code suggests that precomputed Finger Network keys will be sent to the device’s Bluetooth chip, which will remain active even when the phone is turned off.

Will the Pixel 6 or 7 Support the Pixel Power-off Finder and Grogu?

According to sources, Google is planning to create a network of Android devices with Ultra Wideband support for its new AirTag-like locator tag called “grogu.” However, it is unclear if the upcoming Pixel 6 or 7 will support this feature, as it requires special hardware for it to work.

The Pixel Power-off Finder is expected to provide a significant boost to the “Find My Device” service, as it will help users locate their devices even when they are turned off or out of range. This could be especially useful in situations where a phone has been stolen, as it will allow the user to track its location and recover it.

It remains to be seen when the Pixel Power-off Finder will be released to the public, but Google’s continued investment in the “Find My Device” service shows that it is committed to providing its users with the best possible experience when it comes to locating their lost or stolen devices.

Source: 91mobiles

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