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Hidden Changes Done in OxygenOS 13 A.10 Update for OnePlus 11



oneplus 11 oxygenos 13 a.10 update hidden changes

OnePlus recently released the OxygenOS 13 A.10 update for OnePlus 11 users, which brought several enhancements and fixes. While some of these improvements were mentioned in the official change log, there are a few hidden gems that were not highlighted. These small yet significant changes have the potential to greatly enhance the user experience. OnePlus decided to include them in the update earlier than planned to gauge user feedback. Let’s explore these hidden gems that are now available to OnePlus 11 users.

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oneplus 11 oxygenos 13 a.10 hidden changes

Close the App Drawer with Swiping Down:

Addressing a common user complaint, OnePlus has reintroduced the ability to close the App Drawer by simply swiping down. Previously, users were required to use the Home gesture or button to exit the App Drawer. This change comes as a result of valuable user feedback, ensuring a smoother navigation experience.

More Access to the App Drawer:

One of the accessibility features in OxygenOS was the ability to access the App Drawer by swiping up anywhere on the home screen. However, this feature had a limitation: it could only be triggered when there were no widgets present. OnePlus has now eliminated this restriction, allowing users to access the App Drawer effortlessly, regardless of widget placement. Additionally, a reverse gesture has been introduced to access the notification drawer or Shelf.

Line Removed between Frequently Used Apps and App Drawer:

As part of their pursuit of a minimalist design, OnePlus has made a subtle adjustment to the App Drawer. The visible line that separated the frequently used apps row from the rest of the drawer has been removed. This change provides a cleaner and more seamless appearance to the App Drawer, creating a visually appealing user interface.

Improved Clock Widget on the Shelf:

For users utilizing the Clock Widget on the Shelf, OnePlus has addressed a minor issue. The display of cities on the Clock and World Clock widgets now shows the complete city name, eliminating the need for ellipses. No longer will you be left wondering if “New …” refers to New Delhi or New York. This fix ensures accurate and convenient information at a glance.

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