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How is the battery life on your OnePlus Nord 2T?

How is the battery life on your OnePlus Nord 2T?

The OnePlus Nord 2T battery is becoming a popular topic of conversation. The newly released tablet is said to come with a slew of new capabilities as well as a massive battery. Meanwhile, people have expressed their opinions on the smartphone’s power consumption.

A user on the official community site has revealed the maximum battery usage on his OnePlus Nord 2T smartphone. He was amazed to learn that the 1% battery life lasts moreover 45 minutes, according to him. Despite the extensive screen time and app activity, the 1% battery lasted for an hour.

oneplus nord 2t battery life

Meanwhile, a consumer reported that the battery had died after only 5 minutes of use. According to the user, the incident occurred while watching a YouTube video. The battery was at 1% capacity. However, the customer returned to YouTube after connecting the gadget to the charger. The device, however, shut off again after 2 minutes.

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The users also stated that getting 20% of the battery takes 15 minutes. This was not what a new model should have done. So, what’s the deal with your OnePlus Nord 2T? Is the battery operating as well as you had hoped? Or are you having problems with it as well? Let us know what you think in the comments area.

Source: OnePlus Community Thread

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