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How to get FPS Meter on Oneplus 8 & 8T Series – Download latest Game Space v3.0.2



New game space Oneplus 8 & 8T Series

How to get FPS Meter on Oneplus 8 & 8T Series – Download latest Game Space v3.0.2.

Oneplus 8 & 8T Series getting a new update of OxyegenOS which could be the final Android 11 update for Oneplus 8 & 8T Series with the latest security patch of December & Also bring more fixes to the System.

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With this latest update, Oneplus also adds support of FPS meter in the Oneplus Game space application which was missing for a long time and now finally gamers can monitor FPS while gaming.

FPS meter on Oneplus 8 & 8T

Latest Game Space v3.0.2 will add support of System Status & enabling System stays will popup a tile which will display information like FPS, Cpu usage & GPU usage.

Installation Guide:

  • Download Game Space v3.0.2 apk: Download 
  • Download Game Space Installer apk: Download 
  • Open File Manager
  • Install both the applications 
  • Later add games in the updated game space app (Only if Games are not added automatically)
  • Enjoy Fps Meter on Oneplus 8 & 8T Series

Other OxygenOS12 / ColorOS 12 apps can be downloaded from here :

  • OxygenOS 12 theme Store v8.1.5: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Game space v1.9.1: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Launcher v12.0.50: Download
  • Oneplus ORBIT app: Download
  • ColorOS 12 Game Assistant v6.5.4 : Download
  • ColorOS 12 Gallery v12.5.5 : Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Wallpapers: Download
  • Oxygen OS 12 Calculator v2.1.25: Download
  • Oneplus Clone app 12.13.01: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Weather app v2.7.67: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Recorder app 2.0.30: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 My files app v12.1.22: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Compass app v12.0.6: Download 
  • Oneplus 9RT Calculator app v12.0.12: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Kids Space app v9.1.20: Download 
  • Oneplus 9RT Smart home app v1.13.4: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Health app v3.7.12: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT recorder app 12.2.1: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Calculator app v2.1.36: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Weather app v2.7.68: Download
  • Oxygen OS 12 Recorder app v3.0: Download 
  • OxygenOS 12 latest Gallery app v5.0.34: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Zen Mode app v2.4.9: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Clock app v7.0.51: Download
  • OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition Camera application v3.300.92: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 latest Gallery/Photos app v5.0.35: Download

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