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How to Rollback any OnePlus Nord Smartphone running OxygenOS 13 to OxygenOS 12

How to Rollback any OnePlus Nord Smartphone running OxygenOS 13 to OxygenOS 12

Most people are using the OnePlus Nord series smartphones with OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13. But some users are not liking Oxygen OS

This is due to the Following:

OnePlus OxygenOS merged with Oppo ColorOS: OnePlus Nord 2 was the first device that comes with ColorOS Camera and the first time The Camera app in OnePlus Smartphone is asking for Permissions. After this ColorOS is completely added to OxygenOS and due to this most people experienced so many bugs and are not getting the performance they expect with this Merger. The Gaming Experience is not so much good in OOS 13 as compared to 12 and 11.

Line issues on Display:  Most people are facing line issues on their smartphones such as Green Line, and Pink Line issues after updating to OxygenOS 12 and 13. The only solution to remove the green line and Pink line issue is to replace the display. If you don’t have any dents, scratches, or any physical damage on your device. Then your display can be replaced Free of cost. If you want to know, Why you are getting these line issues then, check out this video Why Display line issues in OnePlus phones? Can we Replace Display Free of cost? Detailed Explanation

ColorOS Browser: With OnePlus 11R, OnePlus who said that you can get a bloatware-free experience is now introducing Bloatwares like ColorOS Browser which we get in Oppo’s ColorOS. Maybe in the future, we got more Bloatwares. This is also a big reason to hate OOS nowadays.

One another reason for not liking OxygenOS is the ColorOS Launcher: Most people are not liking the ColorOS Launcher present in OOS 12 and OOS 13. As it is lack in  Customization and Hidden Space has changed to Private Safe. You can access Hidden Space from App Drawer but after the implementation of ColorOS Launcher users are not able to access it using the app drawer. They have to access Private Safe using Dialer by typing the code.

Battery: The Screen On Time or we can say (S.O.T) is not ao much good if we compare it to OxygenOS 11 or 12. The device will also take more time to charge as compared to 11 or 12.

Gaming: Most people are not satisfied with the Gaming Performance. Some are getting Lag and Heating issues. This all is just because of the Codebase of ColorOS merged with OxygenOS and after 13 it’s completely ColorOS.



Now, If you want to rollback any OnePlus Nord Smartphone running OxygenOS 13 then

We’ll provide you with the details you need about downgrading to OxygenOS 12 from Stable OxygenOS 13. Just make sure you follow every step & take a backup before downgrading because downgrading will wipe your device data.

How to Downgrade Oneplus Nord Smartphone from Stable OxygenOS 13 to OxygenOS 12

OOS 12 C.13


OnePlus Nord 2 Rollback 

OnePlus Nord 2T rollback

                                        OnePlus Nord 2T

  1. In order to Downgrade your device to OxygenOS 12
  2. First, Download the Downgrade zip package from the links given below.
  3. Copy the Downgrade package to the root of the phone storage.
  4. Go to Settings -> About device -> Version -> Click Build number 7 times and enter the password, now you are in the developer mode.
  5. Go back to Settings -> About device -> Up to date -> Click the top right button -> Local install -> Click on the corresponding installation package -> Extract -> Upgrade -> System upgrade completed to 100%. If don’t see the local Install option then download the Oneplus local update application from here: Download from Telegram – Official Link
  6. After the Downgrade process is complete, click Restart. (Note: Data will be Wiped so take a Backup before tapping on Restart)
  7. Downgrade successful.

       Rollback Packages

  1. OnePlus Nord 2:Nord 2 IN Rollback from OOS 13 to OOS 12
  2. OnePlus Nord 2T:Nord 2T IN Rollback from OOS 13 to OOS 12
  3. OnePlus Nord CE 2:Nord CE 2 IN Rollback from OOS 13 to OOS 12
  4. OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite

Note: For Nord 2T you don’t need to rename the downgrade zip file.

If you want a video tutorial then, follow this video:How to Rollback/downgrade any OnePlus Nord Smartphone from OOS 13 to OOS 12

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