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How to use PC Connect feature on Color OS 12 on Oneplus phones

How to use PC Connect feature on Color OS 12 on Oneplus phones

Color OS 12 first open beta based on Android 12 has been rolled out for the Oneplus 9 Series with many changes like the borderless design concept evolved again, the real noise reduction design language, making the experience simple and easy, without the burden.

Along with Color OS 12, Oneplus has also rolled out Oxygen OS 12 open beta 1 for the Oneplus 9 series.

How to use PC Connect feature on Color OS 12

OnePlus is a sub-brand of the Oppo family, the two companies not only merged their R&D departments in early 2021, but they are also consolidating code for their two Android-based operating systems. While Oxygen OS 12 will be used on global OnePlus phones, Color OS 12 will only be on China-only Oppo and OnePlus phones.

Oppo will introduce the global ROM of Color OS 12 next Monday, which should be slightly different from the version announced in China last month and is already available for some Chinese Oppo and OnePlus units.

Oppo and OnePlus have announced that their Find X3 series and OnePlus 9 series smartphones are getting a Color OS 12 update through an open beta in China.

One of my favorite features of Color OS 12 is PC connect Seamless interaction across your PC and phone it also allows you to Receive notifications, transfer and edit files, and copy and paste text across your devices.

How to use PC Connect feature on Color OS 12 How to use PC Connect feature on Color OS 12

How to use PC Connect feature on Color OS 12

Using this feature we can Work on files across your devices Just drag and drop to transfer files from one device to another. Open a file saved on your phone directly from your PC to start editing it.

Prerequisite :

  • A pc with a good Internet connection.
  • PC connect app for PC: Download
  • PC connect for phone: Download

How to connect PC Connect Windows app

  • Pull down the Quick Settings panel or it can be accessed via the settings page under the Connection & Sharing tab
  • Open the PC connect app on the PC
  • To connect you can use scan/Bar Code
  • Later tapping on Connect will provide access between PC & device

If any one looking for a guide to Installing Color OS then here we have a VIDEO GUIDE.

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