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Latest OnePlus Orbit App v1.2.0 update New features – Download now

Latest OnePlus Orbit App v1.2.0 update New features – Download now

Latest OnePlus Orbit App v1.2.0 update New features – Download now.

OnePlus Community has been together with its users for more than 7 years, creating countless engaging co-creation stories and memories. During this time, Oneplus received constructive feedback and valuable suggestions from you regarding your Community product experience. Over the past few months, Oneplus have been in close discussion with our Community, iterating and improving the overall product experience. On 20th Oct Oneplus unveiled the result of that two-way process – Orbit.

The name ‘Orbit’ was suggested by our long-standing community expert @cdnfarmer. The term “orbit” is often used to describe the path that a satellite travels around the earth, to continuously provide people with better services.

Oneplus orbit apk

What’s new:

New Feature
  • Editing threads & comments
  • Sticking post in thread (for mods & staffs only)
  • Double-tap to go back to the top
  • Uploading GIFs directly from Gboard
  • Manual refreshing a thread when you want to see new comments


  • Thread creation experience
  • Order of replies
  • Number of likes in thread
  • UX of closing the app


  • Bugs related to profile page, comments, visual display, comment, typos


  • The release of V.1.2.0 might cause errors or crashes in V1.1.0. For a better experience, please update to the latest version right after
    the release. Click “check for updates” in Orbit, or download a new app here in the community.
  • For issues that haven’t been fixed in this update (spoil alert: search function), please stay tuned to the new product roadmap in Orbit.
    V1.3.0 is coming by Dec 17th.

Download Orbit 1.2: Telegram groupGdrive

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