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Lava Agni 2 5G Goes Out of Stock on Amazon: Overwhelming Demand Surprises Manufacturer

Lava Agni 2 5G Goes Out of Stock on Amazon: Overwhelming Demand Surprises Manufacturer

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In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated Lava Agni 2 5G smartphone went out of stock on Amazon shortly after its sale commenced this morning at 10 am. Within the span of just an hour, eager customers were met with disappointment as the product vanished from the online marketplace. However, a few fortunate individuals were able to successfully place their orders before stocks were depleted.

Lava Agni 2 5G: A Smartphone in High Demand

Renowned tech reviewer Geekyranjit took to Twitter to express his satisfaction, stating, “Finally was able to purchase the Lava Agni 2 smartphone, it became listed on Amazon again after initial glitches. But looks like it will come sometime next week.” Despite initial hiccups, it appears that Lava managed to rectify the situation and resume sales, albeit with a delay in delivery.

Gizmoddict, a popular gadget-centric Twitter account, humorously compared Lava’s situation to “The Full Xiaomi Strategy,” implying that the smartphone brand created a hype similar to Xiaomi’s marketing tactics. Several consumers shared their experiences on social media, expressing their disappointment at being unable to secure the sought-after device. One such tweet from Gizmoddict read, “Lava pulling the Full Xiaomi Strategy😂 Phone is out of stock since 10 am. Did anyone manage to buy it?”

lava agini 2 out of stock on amazon

Lava Company Acknowledging the Rush and Promising More Stock

Responding to the overwhelming response, Sunil Raina, President and Business Head at Lava International Limited, acknowledged the immense interest in the Lava Agni 2 5G and assured customers that production would be increased to meet the unexpectedly high demand. He tweeted, “Sensing the huge interest in #LavaAgni2, we increased production to meet the expected demand. But, to be honest, we did not anticipate such an overwhelming rush on sale day. We are ramping up production to make more stocks available. Grateful for your love and support 🙏.”

The Lava Agni 2 5G, priced at Rs. 19,999 in India, garnered significant attention for its competitive features and affordability. It was speculated that discounts might be available for the device during the sale. However, due to the swift depletion of stock, some customers might have missed out on potential savings.

As the buzz surrounding the Lava Agni 2 5G continues to grow, customers eagerly await the restocking of this in-demand smartphone. Lava’s prompt response to the situation and their commitment to increasing production signifies their dedication to meeting the needs of their loyal customer base.

While disappointed customers patiently wait for their orders to be fulfilled, it remains to be seen how Lava International Limited will manage future sales and stock availability to ensure a seamless shopping experience for consumers eager to get their hands on the Lava Agni 2 5G smartphone.

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