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Lawnchair Launcher 12.1 Alpha Build is now available – Download Here

Lawnchair Launcher 12.1 Alpha Build is now available – Download Here

Lawnchair is one of the best launchers available for android customization freaks . Now Launchair team has released new Alpha Build Based on 12.1.

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Lawnchair 12.1 is here! This release is based on Launcher3 from Android 12.1 and works with QuickSwitch on Android 12.1. In addition, it includes the following new features:

• a new At a Glance widget
• an option to show Themed Icons in the App Drawer
• the ability to change the search provider for the Dock search bar (thanks to Dylan Roussel (https://github.com/evowizz))
• multiple new shapes for Adaptive Icons (thanks to @yasandev (https://github.com/yasandev) and Daria Hamrah Paytakht (https://github.com/DariaHamrahPaytakht))
• an option to display the notification count in Notification Dots (thanks to @yasandev (https://github.com/yasandev) and Daria Hamrah Paytakht (https://github.com/DariaHamrahPaytakht))
• the ability to add custom fonts
• if Lawnchair is connected to QuickSwitch, an option to make the Recents background translucent

Also included in this version are bug fixes and other improvements. Thanks go to Juhyung Park (https://github.com/arter97), Pranav Santhosh (https://github.com/npv12), Erfan Abdi (https://github.com/erfanoabdi), and @SuperDragonXD (https://github.com/SuperDragonXD) for their contributions.


Lawnchair Launcher 12.1 Alpha – Download 

Lawnicons – Download


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