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New Google Authenticator for iOS devices with new logo and Code Backup Feature is Here – Soon for Android Users

New Google Authenticator for iOS devices with new logo and Code Backup Feature is Here – Soon for Android Users

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Google has updated the Authenticator app on iOS devices. After this update, we got a new logo and it now supports 2FA codes backup with Google Account.

New logo google authenticaticator

What is Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is a security code generator. It helps us to protect our accounts from suspicious users. It provides 2 Factor Authentication to our accounts.

Why people won’t like Google Authenticator?

The reason behind the users, not liking this app is the loss of codes. Most people save the codes in the authenticator app and if the user deletes the Authenticator app or Factory Reset the device. Then they won’t be able to access their authenticator because it doesn’t have any backup feature. Users use their Google Account to Backups and Syncing across devices. Now the one-time passwords are in the cloud. So, if you lost your device then you will be able to access the Google Authenticator using your Google Account.

But as we see after the update, in iOS we can now backup codes using Google Account. So, if we delete or do the factory reset. We are able to access the Google authenticator. The sad part is, we only get this feature in iOS for now. For Android devices, we have to wait.

As the code backup is the only issue with Google Authenticator which is fixed now. So now, users can use Google Authenticator instead of its alternatives such as Duo Mobile, Twilio Authy Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc.

Google Authenticator update in iOS App Store
Google Authenticator with New Cloud backup feature

How to Download?

To download Google Authenticator on iOS. Just click on the Direct Link provided below:

Download Google Authenticator for iOS 

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