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New OnePlus Stock Dialer with Auto Call Recording for OnePlus 8T/9R, OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 10 Pro



Oneplus stock dialer

Along with the launch of the OnePlus 8T, OnePlus started to include a few Google applications like Google Dialer & Google Messaging app as default communication applications on OnePlus devices. The OnePlus Nord lineup also comes with the same application preinstalled. Latest OnePlus smartphones like OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, 9R & 9RT also comes with Google’s dialer and messaging app by default.

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Everyone does not like Google Dialer & Google Messaging app which also have some drawbacks eg: IVR being played while recordings call, Though it’s a good implementation keeping privacy in mind.

Oneplus Stock dialer

After testing out multiple Oneplus stock applications we finally managed to get a working Oneplus dialer app working on Oneplus 9, 9pro, 9R & 9R running OxygenOS 12 & this app also works on OxygenOS 11.3, OnePlus stock dialer will not work on any version below OxygenOS 11.3. Also, this app if not fully functional to know what’s working & what’s not working Check out our Video.

Before Installing apps do check the description of the application we update whether that specific application works on other OS or not.

Download Oneplus Stock Dialer & Installation Guide:

  • Download Oneplus Dialer app: Telegram Download / 2nd link
  • Open File Manager
  • Install both the apps 
  • Enable Display over other app from (Settings – apps)
  • Enjoy Oneplus Stock Dialer

Other OxygenOS12 / ColorOS 12 apps can be downloaded from here:

  • OxygenOS 12 theme Store v8.1.5: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Game space v1.9.1: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Launcher v12.0.50: Download
  • Oneplus ORBIT app: Download
  • ColorOS 12 Game Assistant v6.5.4 : Download
  • ColorOS 12 Gallery v12.5.5 : Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Wallpapers: Download
  • Oxygen OS 12 Calculator v2.1.25: Download
  • Oneplus Clone app 12.13.01: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Weather app v2.7.67: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Recorder app 2.0.30: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 My files app v12.1.22: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Compass app v12.0.6: Download 
  • Oneplus 9RT Calculator app v12.0.12: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Kids Space app v9.1.20: Download 
  • Oneplus 9RT Smart home app v1.13.4: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT Health app v3.7.12: Download
  • Oneplus 9RT recorder app 12.2.1: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Calculator app v2.1.36: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Weather app v2.7.68: Download
  • Oxygen OS 12 Recorder app v3.0: Download 
  • OxygenOS 12 latest Gallery app v5.0.34: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Zen Mode app v2.4.9: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Clock app v7.0.51: Download
  • OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition Camera application v3.300.92: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 latest Gallery/Photos app v5.0.35: Download
  • Oneplus Orbit 1.4: Download
  • Oneplus OxygenOS Icon Pack: Download
  • OxygenOS 12 Game Space apk v3.2.0: Download

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