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Nokia 3.4 Grabs May 2023 Security Patch Update

Nokia 3.4 Grabs May 2023 Security Patch Update

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Nokia 3.4 users can now enjoy enhanced security and stability as the company releases the May 2023 security patch update. The update, which includes the Google Security Patch 2023-05, aims to provide a safer and more reliable user experience.

Nokia 3.4 May 2023 Security Update Size

With an update size of 30.99 MB, Nokia 3.4 owners are advised to connect to a Wi-Fi network whenever possible to download the update. However, those using a cellular mobile connection should be aware that downloading data over such networks, especially when in a roaming environment, may incur additional charges. Nokia advises users to consult their network providers to address any concerns regarding potential charges.

nokia 3.4 may 2023 security update

Although the specifics of the software version are currently unknown, the focus of this update is primarily on enhancing the security of the Nokia 3.4 device. The Google Security Patch 2023-05, included in this update, addresses vulnerabilities and potential threats, ensuring that users’ personal data remains protected against any malicious activities.

Nokia, a renowned brand in the mobile industry, has consistently prioritized user security and regularly releases security patches to keep their devices up to date. By promptly rolling out this security update for the Nokia 3.4, the company demonstrates its commitment to providing a secure and reliable mobile experience for its users.

The installation process for the update is simple and straightforward. Users should navigate to the device’s settings menu and select “Software Update.” If the update is available, they can proceed to download and install it. It is recommended that users back up their important data before initiating the update, ensuring that their information remains safe throughout the process.


  • Google Security Patch 2023-05

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