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Nothing Company Unveils Plans for Nothing OS 2.0 with Mladen Hoyss



nothing os 2.0 update

Nothing Company has announced that Mladen M Hoyss has been appointed as the new Software Creative Director for the development of Nothing OS 2.0. Hoyss, who previously founded Blloc, will be responsible for designing and developing new experiences for the upcoming operating system.

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In a recent video posted on the company’s official YouTube channel, Hoyss discussed his plans for the new operating system, revealing that he has been working on it since last summer. The focus of the new OS will be to evolve and build upon the current version, with a particular emphasis on creating new experiences for users.

Nothing OS 2.0 Update Coming Soon!

Mladen Hoyss software creative director for nothing os 2.0

One of the main changes that Hoyss intends to make is to remove the logos of popular apps from the home screen, creating a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing interface. He also mentioned his vision for a more mindful and peaceful user experience on the upcoming OS.

Based on his previous work at Blloc, where his team published an app called Ratio App, which primarily focused on productivity, it’s likely that Hoyss will bring a similar focus to the development of Nothing OS 2.0. However, according to his statement in the video, we can expect to see new experiences and features on the upcoming OS that will set it apart from its predecessor.

nothing os 2.0 summer

The new operating system will have features similar to the OnePlus Zen Mode, which helps users to focus on real-life activities and reduces their screen time. The aim of these types of apps is to promote mental peace and encourage users to use their smartphones only when necessary.

The announcement of Nothing OS 2.0 comes just weeks after the company announced a partnership with Google for the development of Android 14 Beta 1. It is therefore likely that the new operating system will be based on this latest version of the Android operating system.

The appointment of Hoyss is a significant step forward for Nothing Company, as they seek to establish themselves as a major player in the tech industry. With his extensive experience in software design and development, Hoyss is well-placed to lead the development of Nothing OS 2.0 and deliver a truly innovative and user-friendly operating system.

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