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Nothing Phone (1) Notification LEDs Working Shown in Video

Nothing Phone (1) Notification LEDs Working Shown in Video

Nothing Phone (1) has 900 LEDs on the back

On July 12, Nothing Phone (1) will be released worldwide. Soon after the introduction, the company’s first smartphone would be available for purchase in India through Flipkart. The company has begun teasing the phone’s key features ahead of its official introduction. The design of the Phone (1) is its unique selling point.

Nothing Phone (1) Full Look is OUT!

On the internet, the transparent back panel has garnered mixed reviews. While images may not do the phone justice, YouTuber Marques Brownlee’s hands-on video of the Nothing Phone (1) provides a closer look.

The Nothing Phone (1) has three notification strips in addition to the transparent back. These strips, which contain nearly 900 individual LEDs, are referred to as the glyph interface. All strips light up to show notifications, according to MKBHD’s video. In addition, the center C-shaped strip will light up to signify whether the device is charging wirelessly or reverse wirelessly. Another LED light strip at the bottom complements this and will glow to indicate charging progress.

The video also indicates that all strips will serve as camera fill lights and will flash in time with the phone’s 10 built-in ringtones. When the Phone (1) is shooting a video, it also has a red LED that flashes.

Brownlee also showed us the phone’s front, which had a hole-punch display. The cutout is located in the screen’s upper left corner. The display bezels on the Nothing Phone (1) are also fairly small.

The company has also announced that the Phone 1 would be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It will include a dual-camera configuration on the back and will come pre-installed with Android 12. On top of Android, the Phone 1 will have a layer of Nothing OS.

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