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Nothing Phone (1) will continue OnePlus old “invite” strategy

Nothing Phone (1) will continue OnePlus old “invite” strategy

If Carl Pei is known for anything, it’s increasing excitement, and he’s doing everything in his power to raise expectations for Nothing’s first phone, the Nothing Phone (1), which will go on sale in India on July 12. With the upcoming Nothing Phone, he is now moving on to repeating the past (1).

Given that companies some new information on its first, yet-to-be-released smartphone in a video titled “Nothing’s Inside Phone (1) | Nothing Series #2,” and Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei also stated that the Phone (1) would first be offered through an invite system.

Nothing Phone (1) will first be sold via an invitation-only method

Does it not make you think of something? It does like what Pei did with OnePlus, yes. OnePlus smartphones were once only available via an invite system. Customers who want to purchase the Nothing Phone (1) appear to need an invitation or may need to wait till the phone is on open sale. There is no information available regarding the open sale of the Phone (1).

We are unsure of how customers will receive invitations, but we anticipate that community members who have invested in the business will benefit more than those who have not.

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The design and manufacturing of the smartphone are also highlighted in the video. Aluminum waste will be used to create the Phone (1). We also got our first glimpse at Nothing’s Glyph interface earlier this week. It consists of about 900 LED lights on the back of the smartphone that may be used for notification lights, privacy indicators, and possibly more.

As the launch draws near, we anticipate finding out more information about the Nothing Phone (1).

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