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OnePlus 11 gets March 2023 Security Patch with OxygenOS 13 A.09 Update



oneplus 11 oxygenos a.09 march update

OnePlus 11 users can now enjoy an improved user experience with the release of the OxygenOS A.09 update, which provides enhanced security and stability along with new features and fixes for known issues.

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System improvements

The OxygenOS A.09 update for OnePlus 11 integrates the March 2023 Android security patch, providing enhanced system security. The update also improves system stability, allowing for a smoother and more reliable user experience. In addition, the update expands the compatibility of Android Auto, allowing for seamless connectivity with compatible devices. Another improvement is the fix for an issue where icons in Quick Settings might overlap, which improves the overall usability of the system.

Communication enhancements

The OxygenOS A.09 update for OnePlus 11 also brings improvements to communication features. Bluetooth connections are now more stable and compatible, while Wi-Fi network connections also benefit from improved stability and compatibility. These enhancements result in a more reliable and seamless connectivity experience for users. Furthermore, the update improves the stability of network connections for an even better user experience.

Camera improvements

OnePlus 11 users who enjoy using the camera will be happy to know that the OxygenOS A.09 update brings improvements to the exposure adjustment in Movie mode. This enhancement allows for more precise control of the camera’s settings, resulting in better quality videos.

oneplus 11 oxygenos 13 a.09 update screenshot

The OxygenOS A.09 update for the OnePlus 11 has a file size of 243.20 MB and will update the software version to CPH2447_11_A.09. It is important to ensure that your device has enough available storage space to accommodate the update. It is recommended to have at least 1 GB of free space on your device before attempting to install the update to avoid any issues during the update process.

OxygenOS A.09 Update Changelog for OnePlus 11

Here is the changelog for the OxygenOS A.09 update for OnePlus 11:


  • Integrates the March 2023 Android security patch to enhance system security
  • Improves system stability
  • Expands the compatibility of Android Auto
  • Fixes an issue where icons in Quick Settings might overlap


  • Improves the stability and compatibility of Bluetooth connections
  • Improves the stability and compatibility of Wi-Fi network connections
  • Improves the stability of network connections for a better user experience


  • Improves exposure adjustment in Movie mode

Overall, this update provides several improvements that enhance the user experience, including improved security and stability, enhanced compatibility, and camera improvements.

Download OxygenOS A.09 Update for OnePlus 11

  • IN CPH2447_11_A.09 (Links will be added soon)

Here’s how you can install the OxygenOS A.09 update manually on your OnePlus 11 directly from the smartphone:

  1. Download the OxygenOS A.09 update file from the official OnePlus website directly on your OnePlus 11.
  2. Once downloaded, go to the “Files” app on your OnePlus 11.
  3. Tap on “Internal Storage” and create a new folder called “OTA” (without the quotes).
  4. Move the downloaded OxygenOS A.09 update file to the “OTA” folder.
  5. Once the file transfer is complete, go to the “Settings” app on your OnePlus 11.
  6. Scroll down to “System” and tap on “System Updates”.
  7. In the top right corner of the screen, tap on the gear icon to access the settings.
  8. Tap on “Local Upgrade”.
  9. Select the OxygenOS A.09 update file from the “OTA” folder.
  10. Tap on “Install Now” to start the installation process.
  11. Once the installation is complete, your device will automatically reboot into the new OxygenOS A.09 update.

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