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OnePlus 11 to Get Android 14 Developer Preview Soon



oneplus 11 android 14 developer preview

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone maker, has hinted at the upcoming release of the Android 14 Developer Preview for its latest flagship devices, OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 11R. The news was revealed in a now-deleted Instagram story posted on the company’s official account earlier today, causing a stir among OnePlus fans and tech enthusiasts.

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According to the Instagram story, OnePlus is working on the developments for OxygenOS 14, the custom Android-based operating system used in its devices. While no specific features or enhancements were mentioned, the caption “Android 14 Developer preview” suggests that the company is already testing the new software version on its devices.

The Instagram story, which included a screenshot of the purported OnePlus 11 running OxygenOS 14, was removed after a few hours, leaving many to wonder if the post was made prematurely or if there was some other reason for its deletion. However, some quick-fingered users managed to capture the screenshot before it vanished, providing proof of the announcement.

oneplus 11 android 13 developer preview

It is not clear when OnePlus will release the Android 14 Developer Preview for OnePlus 11 and 11R, but some rumors suggest that it could happen as early as May or June. OnePlus has not commented on the matter, but the company is known for its frequent software updates and improvements, so it is not surprising that it is already working on the next version of OxygenOS.

The news of OnePlus’ Android 14 Developer Preview comes shortly after Google released the beta version of Android 14 for its Pixel devices. The beta includes a range of new features and improvements, such as a new privacy dashboard, improved notifications, and better support for foldable and dual-screen devices. It remains to be seen how much of these features will make it to OxygenOS 14 or if OnePlus will introduce its own unique features.

As OnePlus fans await more information on the Android 14 Developer Preview, it is clear that the company is continuing its tradition of providing cutting-edge technology and software to its users. Whether the new OxygenOS 14 will retain the familiar OnePlus look and feel or introduce a radical new design, it is certain that OnePlus users will be eagerly anticipating its arrival.

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