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OnePlus 8, 8 pro & 8T received Color OS 12.1 Stable C.21 & C.26 update – Download the Update Here

OnePlus 8, 8 pro & 8T received Color OS 12.1 Stable C.21 & C.26 update – Download the Update Here

Oneplus has released Color OS 12.1 stable update finally for oneplus 8, 8pro , 8t. The build number is C.21 for Oneplus 8 & 8 Pro , C.26 for Oneplus 8T.


Color OS 12.1 C.21 & C.26 Changelog

New design

The borderless design concept has evolved again, and the design language of real noise reduction makes the experience simple, easy and burden-free

[Optimization] AI self-smoothing engine 2.1, optimizes smooth experience at the system level, and can easily cope with high-load scenarios

Convenient and efficient

[New] Portable card case, easy to organize and share photos of cards and receipts in the album

[New] Open the floating window in the split screen state, support three applications to display at the same time, and the floating window and split screen applications can be switched to each other,

Collaboration on the same screen is more convenient

[Optimization] Flashback window interaction, add support for clock application

[Optimization] Free translation function, after the smart sidebar is enabled, new support for selecting full-screen translation is added

seamless interconnection

– Application multi-open function, support to open up to three application windows on the computer at the same time, multi-task parallel processing is more efficient

Security and Privacy [New] Clipboard read permission settings, control third-party applications

Access to clipping information to protect information security

Game experience

[Added] HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology

– GPA frame stabilization technology to find the best balance between performance and power consumption to achieve stable frame rate and lower power consumption in key scenes (supports some games)


Oneplus 8, 8 Pro, 8T & Oneplus 9R gets Second build of Stable OxygenOS 12


Color OS 12.1 C.21 & C.26 Download

Oneplus 8 Color OS 12.1 (C.21) – Full Zip

Oneplus 8 Pro Color OS 12.1 (C.21)Full zip

Oneplus 8T Color OS 12.1 (C.26)Full zip


How to Install This Update

  • Be in Color OS 12 latest C.14 & C.21 – Download Here
  • And install the new 12.1 C.21 & C.26  Full Zip through Local update Apk
  • Download the local update apk English version: Download from telegram // Mirror.


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