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OnePlus Hyperboost 2.0 Engine is Coming! New Changes, Use of Hyperboost in Gaming



hyperboost engine 2.0

OnePlus 10 Pro is the most powerful device which comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Hyperboost is used in gaming to enhance and boost your gaming experience. It is surrounded by the GPA (General Performance Adaptor), frame stabilizer, and O-Sync. This plays an important role in a smooth gaming experience, and hardware plays an important role in performance. The secret behind the OnePlus 10 Pro for pro-level gaming is its upgraded HyperBoost feature, which increases device performance.

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It’s now clear that the OnePlus 11 will definitely come with Hyperboost 2.0. What’s this “Hyperboost 2.0”?

OnePlus upcoming new flagship for 2023, the OnePlus 11, will be revealed at the OnePlus Cloud 11 Launch event. This event is happening on February 7, 2023. At this event, OnePlus is also going to launch the Hyperboost 2.0 Engine.

Hyperboost 2.0 is coming with new features

Hyperboost 2.0 is a gaming feature provided by OnePlus that offers a new stable gaming experience with stable frame rates (FPS), higher image quality, and power saving. With this Hyperboost 2.0 provides the frame rate is increased by 10%

Maybe the OnePlus 11 is coming with Hyperboost 2.0. So you can expect a better gaming experience with an increased frame rate and power savings.

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Edited by: Akash Ramsakha

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