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OnePlus Launches Exclusive Audio Product Testing Program for Indian Community Members [Apply Now]



oneplus audio product testing program

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer known for its high-quality mobile devices, has announced a new program designed to allow its Indian community members to test an upcoming audio product before its official release. The program, named “Power of 100”, aims to gather feedback from 100 passionate and active community members residing in India.

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According to the company, the program will provide selected members with a chance to test the upcoming audio product months before its official launch. During this time, they will use the product regularly and share their feedback directly with the product teams. Once the product is launched, they will also publicly review it.

“We believe in the power of Community. Our users are experts in their own right, and their insights and feedback are invaluable at every step of the way,” said a OnePlus spokesperson. “We are proud to stand together with a Global Community of passionate users who provide us unfiltered feedback and constructive criticism. By co-building together, we can create products that exceed our users’ expectations and push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Eligibility Criteria for the OnePlus Audio Product Testing Program

To be eligible for the program, community members must be at least 18 years of age, be an active OnePlus Community member residing in India, be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and provide honest and thorough feedback on the product. Completion of the form does not guarantee selection for the program. Selected participants will be contacted by email on or before April 21st to confirm their participation and collect their shipping information.

This new program is just one of the ways OnePlus seeks to engage with its users and gather feedback. The company has previously launched similar programs such as its friendly user testing programs (FUT), closed door focus group discussions, and open ears forums, both offline and online, to actively involve its community in the product development process.

OnePlus has always valued the input of its users, and this program is yet another step in its commitment to co-building innovative and user-centric products.

OnePlus Audio Product Testing Program Application Form

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