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OnePlus made a cross-platform clipboard sync tool- Clipt

OnePlus made a cross-platform clipboard sync tool- Clipt

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OnePlus made a cross-platform clipboard sync tool- Clipt.

Clipt is a brand new Android app from OnePlus that makes it simple to send text, images, and files between devices. You can copy something on one computer and paste it on another using the app’s clipboard function.

Clipt was founded by OnePlus’ new OneLab team, which was formed in an attempt to push the company’s experimental boundaries.

According to OnePlus, the app and Chrome extension “creates a connection between your devices to easily attach your clipboard.” “Once installed, you can copy from one device to another or use it to easily send files back and forth, connecting as many devices as you want.”

OnePlus created Clipt after discovering how difficult it is to send files and copied text from one computer to another, according to the company.

The new app aims to remove friction from the equation and replace it with a frictionless experience that simply works.

Clipt, according to OnePlus, “just transfers a way to identify that data and tell the other devices so it’s safe and secure,” and “we just transfer a way to identify that data and tell the other devices so it’s safe and secure.”

“You’ll see in the permissions that we request read and write access to your Google storage,” OnePlus explained, “but Clipt can only download the files it generates because it’s siloed.” “We retain the last 10 things open to you in the app or extension, but it auto deletes after that so it doesn’t fill up your storage.”

Google previously released a Nearby Sharing feature for Android that makes it easy to share files, links, and more. It does not, however, have a clipboard option, and Google’s feature does not work with computers (unless you own a Chromebook). OnePlus recently replaced its File Share feature with Nearby Share, but it appears the company still desired something more efficient.

Download Clipt

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