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OnePlus Nord 2 5G – F.21 New Beta Update with Improvements



Op nord 2 article

Recently, OnePlus Nord 2 5G got the beta version of OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13. The build number is DN2101_11_F.20. If you want to know about the changes after F.20. Then check out this article. And today, a new beta build is released with version F.21. If we talk about changelogs.

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Changelogs Nord 2


  • Improves system stability.
  • Extends the battery life in some scenarios.


  • Fixes an issue where the color of photos taken using the wide-angle camera might be inaccurate.

So, the first change is we have improved system stability as usual.

If we talk about the camera issue, So after this update it got fixed as mentioned in the changelogs.

The most important and noticeable change is in the battery. Now we can see improvements in the battery. We got more SOT i.e. Screen On Time as compared to F.20 Beta Build.

Update size

The update size is 262.17 MB. The Software Version is DN2101_11_F.21

Build number

If we talk about benchmarks score. So, here is a picture comparing OOS 12, OOS 13 OB1, OOS 13 OB2.

benchmark scores of OOS 12, 13 OB1 and 13 OB2

  • In OOS 12, Single Core scored 712, and Multi-Core 2994.
  • In OOS 13 OB1, Single Core scored 942 and Multi-Core scored 3294.
  • In OOS 13 OB 2, Single Core scored 842 and Multi-Core scored 2745.

If we talk about Screen On time. So, I have given you a screenshot below.

SOT in OOS 13 ob 1 and ob 2

In OOS 13 OB1, we got less SOT (Screen On Time) as compared to OOS 13 OB2.

Charging time

If we talk about Charging time. So, charging time also decreased. But it varies on some factors.  My device got charged from 1-90 in 36 Minutes. Do tell us in the comment box How much time your device takes for the complete charge.

How To Update OnePlus Nord 2 5G:

To update your device follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First Open Settings.
  2. Then tap on about device
  3. Then tap on the icon present below.

How to update

4. Then download the update.

5. After downloading, tap on install. Then your device will reboot to complete the update.

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