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OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition’s live wallpapers, Boot animation & more – Download now

OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition’s live wallpapers, Boot animation & more – Download now

Download OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition’s live wallpapers, Boot animation & more.

OnePlus offers special variations of its smartphones on a regular basis, each with a unique appearance and software customisation to match the theme. With the OnePlus Nord 2, the company has released a special Pac-Man Edition in conjunction with Bandai Namco. The updated model’s OxygenOS software includes a new fingerprint animation, wallpapers, noises, and a slew of Pac-Man-themed content.


You might be wondering how to acquire those Pac-Man treats on your phone. They’re exclusively accessible on the Nord 2 model, as usual, and OnePlus doesn’t share them for use on other smartphones. But, after all, this is Android, so sideloading the software goodies is an option. The Pac-Man Edition’s new wallpapers, boot animation, fingerprint unlock animation, and a variety of themed stuff have been extracted by XDA Recognized Contributor linuxct for everybody to enjoy.

OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition – 10 New Wallpapers

The new OnePlus Pac-Man Edition Nord 2 comes with ten new static wallpapers from OnePlus :

Oneplus nor 2 pac man wallpapers

Live Wallpapers and Icon Pack

Linuxct has succeeded to translate the Pac-Man Edition-exclusive live wallpaper for standard Android handsets, similar to the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition’s live wallpaper port. Keep in mind that the live wallpaper uses a lot of resources, so it might not perform effectively on low-end devices. The icon pack has also been divorced from the operating system, allowing anybody to utilize it on their own devices.

Boot Animation, Fingerprint Unlock Animation, and more

Last but not least, linuxct has created a massive Magisk module that includes every single tweak seen in the Nord 2’s Pac-Man Edition ROM. Because you must rewrite the existing boot animation file stored in /system/media, updating the boot animation needs root access; hence, offering it as a Magisk module makes it easier to install.

Inside the Magisk module, you’ll also discover RRO overlays, a specific theme for the OnePlus Gallery app, and a set of Always-on-Display and fingerprint unlock animations, although they won’t function on AOSP-based ROMs. You must install these on a OnePlus (or OPPO) smartphone running a current version of OxygenOS/ColorOS due to internal requirements.

Downloads : 

  • Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-man Live wallpapers & Icon Pack without ROOT: Download 
  • Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-man Static wallpapers without ROOT: Download
  • Magisk Module from Linuxct : Download
  • Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-man theme Magisk Module for Oneplus 7 Series Credit @RedSkulMods: Download
  • Overlay Mount FIX Credit @RedSkulMods : Download
  • Oneplus Nord 2 Pac-man Boot animation Magisk Module: Download

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Source : Xda

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