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OnePlus Nord 2T Explodes in User’s Pocket, Company Blames User; Investigation Demanded



oneplus nord 2t

In a shocking incident, a OnePlus Nord 2T user, identified as Vipul, experienced a harrowing ordeal when his smartphone allegedly exploded while he was riding a bike. The incident occurred on May 10th, 2023, just six days after Vipul purchased the device.

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Despite being in perfect health, Vipul was rushed to the hospital following the explosion, raising concerns about the safety of OnePlus smartphones. Seeking answers and a resolution, he reached out to OnePlus’ customer service and social media teams for assistance.

OnePlus Customer Care Response and Accusations

However, to Vipul’s surprise, OnePlus concluded, after an inquiry, that he was responsible for the explosion rather than a manufacturing defect or any other fault on their part. This decision left Vipul puzzled and frustrated, as he questioned the logic behind a customer intentionally endangering themselves to harm a company’s reputation.

Outraged by the situation, Vipul is now seeking support and assistance from the public to raise awareness about the potential dangers associated with OnePlus smartphones. He has reached out to various social media platforms, including Twitter, with the hope that his message will reach the company and prompt a more thorough investigation into the incident.

A tweet from the user “Trolling is an art” brought attention to this serious and dangerous incident. In the tweet, the user shared a conversation recording where Vipul detailed the incident, providing further evidence of the incident and the subsequent customer service response from OnePlus.

With safety being a paramount concern for smartphone users, incidents like these raise questions about the reliability and quality control measures implemented by manufacturers. OnePlus, known for its premium devices, will likely face scrutiny as the public demands answers and reassurances regarding the safety of their products.

As this situation unfolds, it serves as a reminder that consumer safety should always remain a top priority for companies, prompting thorough investigations and transparent communication with affected customers. Only through a responsible and accountable approach can manufacturers maintain the trust and loyalty of their customer base.

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