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OnePlus Nord 2T grabs OxygenOS C.27 Update with May 2023 Security Patch



oneplus nord 2t oxygenos c.27 update

OnePlus, the renowned smartphone manufacturer, has begun rolling out the OxygenOS C.27 update for OnePlus Nord 2T devices in India. This incremental update aims to enhance system stability, boost performance, and bolster system security with the integration of the May 2023 Android security patch.

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The software version for the OnePlus Nord 2T in India is labeled as IN CPH2401_11.C.27 and the update size is 559.34 MB. OnePlus users in the region can expect to see gradual availability of the update, as the rollout process has already commenced. While initially reaching a small percentage of users today, the company plans to expand the release to a broader user base over the next few days.

oneplus nord 2t oxygenos c.27 update screeenshot

The OxygenOS C.27 update brings a set of significant improvements to the OnePlus Nord 2T. Notably, users can expect enhanced system stability, resulting in a smoother overall experience. Performance optimizations are also part of the update, potentially leading to faster app launches and improved multitasking capabilities.

In line with OnePlus’ commitment to maintaining a secure user experience, the OxygenOS C.27 update integrates the latest Android security patch for May 2023. By staying up to date with security patches, OnePlus aims to protect user data and ensure the device’s resilience against potential vulnerabilities.

OnePlus users are advised to keep an eye out for the notification alerting them to the availability of the OxygenOS C.27 update on their OnePlus Nord 2T devices. Alternatively, users can manually check for the update by navigating to Settings > System > System Updates.

As with any software update, OnePlus encourages users to ensure their devices are sufficiently charged and connected to a stable Wi-Fi network before proceeding with the update installation. It is recommended to back up important data before initiating the update to safeguard against any potential data loss during the process.

The release of OxygenOS C.27 demonstrates OnePlus’ ongoing commitment to providing regular software updates to its users, delivering improved performance, stability, and security enhancements. OnePlus Nord 2T owners in India can look forward to an enhanced user experience with the latest update, further solidifying the smartphone’s reputation as a reliable and feature-rich device.

Note: The OxygenOS C.27 update is currently specific to the OnePlus Nord 2T devices in the Indian region. OnePlus users in other regions can expect similar updates tailored to their respective devices in due course.

Here is the changelog for OxygenOS C.27 Update for OnePlus Nord 2T


  • Improves system stability and performance.
  • Integrates the May 2023 Android security patch to enhance system security.
oneplus nord 2t oxygenos c.27 update changelog screeenshot

How to Update:

Here are the steps to update your OnePlus Nord 2T to OxygenOS C.27:

  1. Charge your OnePlus Nord 2T and connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on “System.”
  4. Select “System Updates.”
  5. Tap on “Check for updates.”
  6. If the OxygenOS C.27 update is available, tap on “Download & Install.”
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.
  8. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  9. Your OnePlus Nord 2T will reboot, and you’ll have the updated OxygenOS C.27 version.

Remember to back up your data before updating to prevent any potential data loss.

Download OxygenOS C.27 Update for OnePlus Nord 2T

  • IN CPH2401_11.C.27 – Incremental

Download links will be added once available.

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