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OnePlus Phone App Gets New Update with version 13.6.16

OnePlus Phone App Gets New Update with version 13.6.16

OnePlus Phone App is also called as OnePlus Dialer. This phone app is supported only on old OnePlus smartphones like OnePlus 8, 7, 6, and 5 series. New OnePlus devices that are recently released come with Google Dialer and messaging app pre-installed and it’s mandatory for Android smartphones.

There are many users who have old OnePlus device that has the OnePlus phone application pre-installed. So the company has been giving users constant updates to the app for better performance. A recent update has been released for the OnePlus phone app with the 13.6.16 version.

OnePlus Phone App v13.6.16 Update

This type of update only brings bug fixes and improvements in the app for making calls and other features. Kindly note that this update is only supported on Android 11 and above on OnePlus smartphones which came with the OnePlus phone app pre-installed. There is no changelog mentioned in the app update, it will only make improvements to the calling experience.

The updated APK size for the OnePlus Phone App v13.6.16 is 10.28 MB. You can download this app from the APK mirror or from the below link:

Note: It may delete your call history so take a backup before updating this app. Also, it may give some errors while installing on the latest OnePlus devices.

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