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OnePlus to Introduce Screen Brightness Sensor in Upcoming OxygenOS 14 Update

OnePlus to Introduce Screen Brightness Sensor in Upcoming OxygenOS 14 Update

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OnePlus fans can expect a new feature in the upcoming OxygenOS 14 that will help save their eyesight in low-light or dark environments. The feature, which was spotted in the source code of Android 13 QPR2 by Twitter user @MishaalRahmaan, will use the brightness sensor to determine the screen’s initial brightness.

This means that the device will take into account the ambient light in the room and adjust the screen’s brightness accordingly, ensuring that the screen is not too bright and does not strain the user’s eyes. The feature will be especially useful in situations where users move from a bright environment to a dark one and need their phone’s screen to be dimmer to prevent eye strain.

While auto-brightness is already present in smartphones, it can sometimes be a hindrance to users, especially in dark environments. With this new feature, OnePlus hopes to overcome this challenge and offer a more eye-friendly option to its users.

OnePlus has already included the Eye Comfort feature in its devices, which helps to reduce eye strain by emitting warm light. However, some users find the warm light uncomfortable, leading them to turn off the feature. The screen brightness feature, on the other hand, is expected to be more user-friendly and will not require any additional settings to be changed.

Overall, while the screen brightness feature may not be a significant change in OxygenOS 14, it is expected to be a useful addition for users who frequently use their phones in low-light or dark environments. With this feature, OnePlus continues to prioritize the well-being of its users and offers them a more comfortable and safer smartphone experience.

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