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OnePlus Wellpaper – Live Wallpaper App Latest Version Released [2.3.0]

OnePlus Wellpaper – Live Wallpaper App Latest Version Released [2.3.0]

The OnePlus developer team recently announced the release of a new version of WellPaper, an app that was first released last year for customers who wish to use their smartphones without going overboard. The new version of the WellPaper app is 2.3.0, and it comes with a new user interface that is more modern and clean, which should make it more fun to use overall.

In addition, three new wallpapers, Botanical Garden, Cosmos, and Donut Shop, have been added to the existing three (Composition, Glow, and Radial):

And, once again, the Donuts background is introduced with six donuts, each of which represents a particular app category: each of them will be gradually eaten when the user utilizes the apps in the corresponding category.

Another unique feature is the option to prevent some applications from tracking data and displaying it in the background.

Finally, all wallpapers now support the functionality that displays the time when a finger is placed on an empty area of the screen, with the option to turn it off via the settings menu.

Download OnePlus Wellpaper – Live Wallpaper App Version 2.3.0

All you have to do to try the WellPaper – Live Wallpaper app or download the new version is click on the following badge, which will take you to the Google Play Store‘s dedicated page: You may also get it via APK Mirror.

What’s New:

  • Check out the new Donuts wallpaper with the six flavored donuts all representing a different app category, covering all of the apps you use. The donut will be gradually eaten the more you use the category.
  • A refreshed UI design for a clean and modern look.
  • The new “Do not track” feature allows users to exclude apps from the wallpaper data visualization.
  • All wallpapers now support “show screen time on taps.” Users can turn this off in the settings.
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